Condemnations pour in against killing of Athuan Abonmai

The former Zeliangrong Baudi (Assam-Manipur-Nagaland) president was killed allegedly by suspected NSCN (I-M) members at Pallong Village under Tamei Police station, Tamei sub-division in Tamenglong district on Wednesday.

Athuan Abonmai (PHOTO: Facebook)

Several organisations and individuals in Manipur have condemned the killing of former Zeliangrong Baudi (Assam-Manipur-Nagaland) president Athuan Abonmai after he was abducted by some unidentified persons in Tamenglong district on Wednesday. They demanded that the culprits be identified and befitting action be taken by the government.

Member of Parliament (Lok Sabha) Lorho Pfoze stated that such cowardly acts of violence are uncalled for in the civilized modern society. “We have suffered much and should not allow hatred and violence to come back to our people. I share the pain and loss of the Zeliangrong people and appeal to maintain peace and harmony in these difficult times. My prayers are with the family and the community,” he stated.

Condemning the incident, Coordinating Committee on Manipur Integrity (COCOMI) stated in a release signed by its media coordinator Jeetendra Ningomba that the crime was carried out by those who have no humanity left in them and such barbaric acts must be condemned by all communities settling together in Manipur.

Late Athuan Abonmei was a leader from the tribal community who upheld the bonds between the hills and plains and worked to maintain a united Manipur, COCOMI stated.  He was abducted from a crowded place right in front of the security as well before the eyes of the public, it stated. It shows that there is no law and order in the hills and militant groups are doing anything at their whims while the fate of the civilians hangs in uncertainty as security forces have become completely useless, COCOMI stated.

It further stated that finding his mortal remains instead of rescuing him shows that there are huge loopholes in the government, which must admit these facts. Those involved in the crime must be given stringent punishment and brought to justice so that such incidents may never happen again in the future, it added.

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The Kangleipak Students' Association (KSA) also condemned the murder and demanded the arrest of those involved.

KSA stated that the association will extend solidarity in any movements launched to deliver justice for Abonmai. The murder of Athuan Abonmai after being abducted from a government programme during broad daylight was highly unfortunate, it stated.

The association strongly condemned such inhumane acts done to a person who always stood for unity and integrity of the state. His untimely demise is a great loss for the state, it added.

It further stated that the state government should take up prompt action to prevent such crime in the future. The government should take this matter seriously otherwise such inhumane action may become a common issue in the state which ultimately leads to a lawless state.

The Zeliangrong Civil Society Organisations consisting of Zeliangrong Baudi (AMN), ZB state Units, All Zeliangrong Students' Union (AZSU) and Zeliangrong Youth Front (ZYF) have also strongly condemned the incident.

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The Dimki session of ZB (AM and N) at Asalu village held on Thursday expressed its anguish on the cold blooded murder of its former leader without any cognisable reason, stated a release issued by the Zeliangrong Baudi (AMN).

The magnitude of crime is unimaginable because it happened right in front of the government security personnel and as well as amid the presence of the highest seat of a state, the chief minister, it stated. Complacency of both the government and its security agency is highly questionable, regarding the location and time of the incident, the release stated.

The culprits must be identified and take befitting action, it mentioned.

Naga Women’s Union also denounced the crime and stated that the incident revealed the security lapses and failure of the district administration and the system as a whole. It appealed to the state government to take up stringent action to deliver justice at the earliest.

It extended solidarity with the family and relatives of Athuan Abonmai, and prayed that God’s grace will be with the family through its painful journey.

Tamenglong Concerned People’s Forum (TCPF) also condemned the incident and appealed to all sections of society to maintain peace, and join hands in standing up against such an inhuman act. Nobody has the right to suppress a person’s freedom of speech and expression, more so by taking the person’s life, TCPF stated.  

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It appealed to the authorities to carry out the investigation in an impartial and fair manner, ensuring that perpetrators are brought to justice, and justice is ensured to the victim’s family.

TCPF extended its condolences to the bereaved family of Late Athuan Abonmai.

MUSU, IPSA, AIMS, Manipur Pradesh Trinamool Congress Committee also issued separate releases in condemnation of the killing with an appeal to the state government to arrest those involved in the killing.

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MUSU appealed to the concerned authority to bring out all those involved in the killing and also declared that the union will take part in any movement initiated by civil voluntary organisations of the state in connection with the incident.

AIMS stated that the abduction of Athuam Abonmai in front of state and central security forces near the venue of the function attended by the chief minister and his death would have been a surprise to the neighboring states. It stated that the death of Athuan Abonmai who had been raising voices for a united Manipur is a great loss to the society. 

First Published:Sept. 24, 2021, 11:05 p.m.

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