Is it going to be South Nagaland again?

Th Muivah has been pushing hard on an impossible demand of his dream of Greater Nagalim. Now, UNC has spelled it out clearly.

PMGSY Row: Anyway, whose fault is it?

Out of 501 sanctioned works of PMGSY which are pending as on date, 120 works still remained un-awarded in Manipur.

What made China intrude into Eastern Ladakh - Chinese unrestricted warfare

India is unlikely to resort to any physical action against China, but if conflict starts in SCS, China may resort to more physical action against India to ease pressure. For such a scenario India must be prepared and be ready for massive retaliation or pre-emptive strike as part of offensive defence.

IFP Breaking Point
Will farmers in Manipur get to reap double income growth by 2022?

Government schemes and initiatives for the farming community in rural India are yet to reach the real beneficiaries in Manipur.

Bravo! Meidingu Leishemba Sanajaoba

The Meidingus of Manipur have always been champions of Manipuri culture and continuity of core value systems even in the onslaught of cultural invasions from the West, and Meidingu Leishemba Sanajaoba is trying hard to live upto the tradition set by his ancestors.