KAZIND 21: Indo-Kazakhstan joint training exercise to begin on August 30

The KAZIND 21 at Training Node, Aisha Bibi is launched to boost the growing strategic ties between India and Kazakhstan, India's Defence Ministry said.

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As a part of military diplomacy and to strengthen the growing strategic relation with Kazakhstan, the 5th edition of the Indo- Kazakhstan Joint Training Exercise, “KAZIND-21” will be conducted at Training Node, Aisha Bibi, Kazakhstan, from August 30 to September 11 2021, the Union Defence Ministry said.

The ministry said in a release that the exercise is a joint training between both the Armies, which will boost the bilateral relations between India and Kazakhstan.

The Indian Army contingent represented by a battalion of The Bihar Regiment consists of a total of 90 personnel led by a Contingent Commander, while the Kazakhstan Army will be represented by a company group, the ministry said.

KAZIND 21 will provide an opportunity to the Armed Forces of India & Kazakhstan to train for Counter Insurgency/ Counter Terrorism operation in mountainous, rural scenario under UN mandate, the ministry added.

The scope of Joint Exercise includes professional exchange, planning and execution of operation in Counter terrorism environment at sub unit level and sharing expertise on skills at arms, combat shooting and experiences in Counter Insurgency/ Counter Terrorism operations. The exercise will culminate after a 48 hours long validation exercise which will involve a scenario of neutralization of terrorists in a semi-rural hideout.

The ministry said the exercise will strengthen mutual confidence, inter-operability and enable sharing of best practices between the Armed Forces of both the countries - India and Kazakhstan.

The village Aisha Bibi lies 18 km west of Taraz, Kazakhstan on the Silk Road.


First Published:Aug. 25, 2021, 12:08 p.m.

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