Stop cutting down trees in name of developmental work: Khangabok villagers

KDASU publicity and information secretary Laishram Imoba said destroying of natural resources and nature should not be called development.

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Villagers of Khangabok in coordination with other civil organisations collectively raised their voice on Wednesday against the authorities for felling of 100–300 years-old-trees in the name of road expansion and development. 

The villagers of Khangabok under Thoubal district and six other organisations, namely Khangabok Development and Student Union (KDASU), Young People for Social Reform (YPSR), People Action for Social Change, Justice Foundation (PAFSOC), Youth Action Committee for Protection of Indigenous Peoples (YACPIP), Youth’s Forum for Protection of Human rights (YFPHR) held protests and raised slogans against the felling of trees at Khangabok area.

“The road expansion of Imphal to Moreh road at National Highway 102 under GR Infra project limited is destroying our nature,” said KDASU publicity and information secretary Laishram Imoba.

If trees which are 100–300-years-old are being cut down at Khangabok area, then how many more trees will they cut down from Imphal to Moreh, he questioned. It is a big question from the people that the government must respond to, he further said, ading destroying of natural resources and nature should not be called development.

“We appreciate development but it should not directly or indirectly violate human rights. Development works that directly or indirectly affect the rights of humans should not be undertaken in the name of development. Many development works which violate and destroy the rights of people have been seen in the state,” he said.

Therefore, the organisations appeal to the authorities to take consent from the people before moving ahead with such works. Environment impact assessment, cumulative impact assessment as well as human rights impact must be studied first before making approaches towards the work for development, he added.

First Published:Aug. 12, 2021, 2:06 a.m.

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