Disastrous effect of spreading rumours

For a better tomorrow, let us all cooperate and learn to act in a mature and more responsible manner during this pandemic.

Manipur Police team at a quarantine centre to help pick up a Covid-19 patient in Churachandpur district on June 24, 2020 (PHOTO: IFP)
The unfortunate incident that happened at VK Tawna High Quarantine Centre, Churachandpur on June 24 is a clear indication of what rumours can cause.
A friend of mine told me how the incident actually started. When one of the inmates at VK Tawna QC was informed about the Covid-19 test result, the inmate accused the doctor shaming the patient's family and demanded a medical report of the covid test result. The doctor was also accused of taking bribes in connection with the test results.
The outcome of the incident from the already viral video was very ugly indeed and would be appreciated by none. It is imperative to mention that there may be some shortcomings from the side of the law enforcing agencies and no doubt, from the inmates too.
I understand the pain and suffering of the inmates at various quarantine centres and also the hardships faced by the administration and law enforcing agencies while the reputation of the state government is  at stake.But, had everyone been more patient and obedient, we wouldn't have to witness such a scene.
The sad part is, Additoonal Superintendent of Police (IUCAW) & i/c CCPur Quarantine Centres has to be now quarantined as per the guidelines and protocols of Covid-19 precautionary measures and the inmates involved in the incident obstructing the flow of police duties booked under the Disaster Management Act, 2005.
The assumption mentioned above that doctors or the state government is getting some money when new infections of Covid-19 are reported has been doing the rounds in various social media chat groups and platforms without clear evidence and proof.
Now that the rumour has grown into the minds of many, it will continue to do so unless there is clarification from the side of the government. What is needed here is clear-cut information from the authorities and anyone that has helped in spreading this false information must be held accountable.
The whole incident was ignited by a small rumour that was circulated in social media and that clearly indicates what rumours can cause; and it can indeed be disastrous. Let us all restrain ourselves from circulating or forwarding unconfirmed news reports unless one gets it from concerned officials.
As covid cases surge in neighbouring states like Assam, a complete lockdown is just a button away if we dont take measures to curb such incidents.
For a better tomorrow, let us all cooperate and learn to act in a mature and more responsible manner during this pandemic. 
The greatest amount of good for the greatest number - Jeremy Bentham
(The views expressed are the writer's own)
First Published:June 27, 2020, 2:07 p.m.

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