LCTT urges for development of Thang-Ta

The Leadership Council of Thang-Ta Manipur has demanded recognition of Thang-Ta by the National Sports Federation and the setting up of a scientific advisory committee on it.

The Leadership Council of Thang-Ta Manipur (LCTT) on Wednesday appealed to the Manipur government to help in developing Thang-ta further from the grassroots level by setting up a scientific advisory committee.

A release stated that Thang-Ta should be recognised by the National Sports Federation, ultimately including in International Olympic Games under a common interest. A policy should be made for the sports to reach out to different countries with a Thang-Ta association in each country, it stated.

LCTT appreciated the present government for making a policy to develop the Thang-Ta, it said. They further appealed the public to not modify the art form and to not take up any steps for personal gain, the release said. This will result in differences and clashes among the people which contradict our societal norms of togetherness, it added.

The release stated that the chief minister is appreciated for organising Thang-Ta/Cheibi championship. They also applauded Huyel Langlon Council of Thang Ta Manipur for respecting the cultural nationalism as well putting effort on making it recognised by the National Sports Federation, it added

Each one should work towards a common goal of developing the Thang-Ta by dissolving the differences for future generations, it added.

First Published:June 25, 2020, 10:30 a.m.

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