KCP Central Committee observes 41st foundation day

The KCP expressed gratitude and extends revolutionary greetings to those who extended physical and moral support.

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The Kangleipak Communist Party (KCP) Central Committee, on arrival of its 41st Foundation Day which falls on April 14, stated that it shows highest respects to the leaders, who had laid down their lives while fighting for the revolution, its cadres, soldiers and all the comrades.

The organisation expressed gratitude and extends revolutionary greetings to those who extended physical and moral support, stated a release issued by the Central Committee. It further showed respect to the revolutionary organisations of ‘WESEA’ and Kangleipak (Manipur) it added.

It sends New Year greetings to the frontline warriors of COVID-19 pandemic, Human Rights group, Ima organisations, civil bodies, Intellectuals and the media fraternity, environmentalists and supporters, etc.

Manipur was ruling as an independent nation in Southeast Asia but its lifestyles, culture and history has assimilated to the Hindu Mythology, it stated. Its economy and other sectors of life have been subjected by others, rendering the people dependent.

After Manipur became a colony of India in 1949, British Education arrived through the elites of India following their agendas, the release stated. A false history was taught to the people based on Hindu religion, it added.

The people have now accepted the foreign culture as their own and are serving the leaders of India in their hearts. The new generation has forgotten the cultural memory and the cultural values as well as their true sense of self, it added.

It stated that the process of Indianisation has been sped up and people have started adding the suffix ‘ji’ to their names (Like Chaobaji to Chaoba).

Expressing concerns on the consequences of accepting the falsehood as truth, the release drew attention to the concept of ‘Hegemony’ which is based on Hegelian Marxist, Grimace’s theory of ‘False Consciousness’.

It added that Hegemony is a tool used by the ‘Ruling class’ to dominate the people.

In order to subjugate a group of people forever, their consciousness must be kept subjugated, the release stated. In such a scenario, the people are blinded towards their class interest and kept away from realizing their revolutionary consciousness, it added.  If there is no revolutionary consciousness, the colonial masters will no longer fear that the colonized people will revolt, it stated.

The Indian colonial masters have been using several Ideological State Apparatus to dominate the consciousness of the people, it further stated. This method has been laid down by Structural Marxist Louis Althusser in his Interpellation theory, it added.

To fight back and escape from these subjugations, a counter hegemonic movement has to be launched so that ‘Class Consciousness’ and ‘National Prestigious Consciousness’ may be brought in, it added.

Otherwise, the people will be swallowed up by the Indian Colonial System. From this perspective, the purpose of a revolution is to make the people escape from False Consciousness and make them generate a Revolutionary Consciousness, it stated. This can be carried out by a Revolutionary Vanguard, it added.


First Published:April 14, 2021, 10:01 a.m.

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