'World Autism Day makes society accept people with autism'

All the parents need to know the problems of the child and treat usually, Dr Y Dinesh Singh said.

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Handicapped Development Foundation, Manipur observed World Autism Day Awareness Programme 2021 under the theme 'Significances and Challenges in a Post Pandemic World' on Friday at the recreation hall of the foundation's office, Imphal West.

A release by media coordinator of HD Foundation Manipur said that the programme was started at 12:30 pm by chairman of the foundation, Dr Sapam Jasowanta Singh.

In his keynote address, Dr Y Dinesh Singh said that the World Autism Day makes the society understand and accept people with autism. It is a day that spread kindness and autism awareness. All the parents need to know the problems of the child and treat usually, he added.

The release further said that Omita Ningombam as a resource person pointed out the causes of autism and it's treatment. She said that Autism is a neurodevelopment disorder characterised by deficits in social and language communication as well as repetitive behavior and restricted interest. One individual may experience mild anxiety or avoid eye contact whereas another may have much difficulty communication. Therapy is the main treatment of the children with autism, she added.

Dr Sapam Jasowanta Singh expressed that one key goal must be to build a more inclusive and accessible world that recognises the contribution of all people, including persons with disabilities. Persons with autism have the right to self-determination, independence and autonomy, as well as the right to education and employment on an equal basis with others, he said.

Children with disabilities of HD Foundation Manipur also showed their talents with performances like dancing, drumming, body building show and others, the release added.

First Published:April 2, 2021, 11:55 p.m.

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