'Goods trucks to be parked at roadside unless renovation work begins'

TDC president H Ranjit said as the ISBT complex ground was not constructed for goods carrying trucks, most of the surface inside ISBT needs to be renovated.

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The Manipur Transporter and Drivers’ Council (TDC) has cautioned the state government that trucks will be stationed at the roadside if it failed to start the renovation work of Inter State Bus Terminus (ISBT) campus within five days.

TDC president H Ranjit said at a press conference in Imphal on Wednesday that as per the announcement made by the TDC on Tuesday, the council deputed a heavy-duty crane at ISBT on Wednesday so that trucks stuck inside the campus of ISBT could be pulled out.

Ranjit said as the ground of ISBT campus was not constructed for goods carrying trucks, most of the surface inside ISBT needs to be renovated. The ground of the campus has become similar to what the condition of Imphal-Jiribam national highway used to be decades ago, he said.

With the arrival of monsoon season, truck drivers are facing severe issues in attempting to park inside the campus, he added.

During a visit at ISBT campus with TDC members including its president, some trucks were seen stuck on the muddy ground inside the campus and most of the ground areas were filled with mud.

Trucks were seen struggling to get into the campus as they must follow the government protocol in order to get verification from state transport department officials. Goods trucks were verified inside the campus and they are given permits by officials to carry goods or unload them.

Ranjit further said a team of TDC led by its secretary has been deputed to monitor the goods trucks. Goods trucks that come in good condition from outside the state need to be repaired after going inside ISBT campus, he added.

He appealed to the government to start the renovation work of ISBT campus within 5 days. If the government fails to start renovation works within the given deadline, the goods trucks will be parked on the roadsides. The drivers can still get their permit inside the ISBT campus even if their trucks are parked outside, he added.

After the lockdown was imposed, the state government had instructed all the goods carrying trucks to park inside the ISBT so that the verification can be done inside the campus.

First Published:June 18, 2020, 10:46 a.m.

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