NSCN-IM chairman Tucco sends message on 42nd Raising Day, pays tributes to 'brave hearts'

India and Nagalim shall enter a new relationship for peaceful co-existence of the two entities on the basis of shared sovereignty, the chairman stated.

The raising day of NSCN-IM was celebrated at the council headquarters, Hebron in a programme where the message of the chairman Ino Q Tuccu was read out on his behalf by convenor of the steering committee on Sunday.  

In his message, the chairman requested all cadres “to pay highest respects to the brave hearts who had made their supreme sacrifices by embracing martyrdom in defence of our Motherland, our history, our people and our rights. They have given up their personal freedom for the sake of our freedom; they have laid down their right to live so that our right to live cannot be questioned".

"They have died the undignified death so that the people may live with dignity: they have shed their tears, sweat and even blood to its last drop for this land of God's covenant, it stated. Every spring and every brook that flows in Nagalim are now flowing with elements of Nagas' blood, tears and sweat," it added.  

The chairman stated that the beautiful land, a part of God's creation now swarms with widows and orphans. Cries and wailings are heard from nooks and corners of Nagalim day-in day-out, year-in year-out. But the adversaries are yet to give it any damn without any remorse at all, it stated.

Further it stated that the people, who are proud of their civilization of 5,000 years, preach peace and ahimsa at the top of their voice across the globe but keep using arms with the most draconian laws with impunity for more than sixty (60) years against the Nagas. Because of the fact that Nagalim has never been an integral part of India, it has been held under forced occupation with martial law of AFSPA from the fifties till date, it added.

The Government of India is yet to get serious and honest with the Nagas vis-à-vis the ongoing political talk, it stated. Nagas are being taken as if they are purchasable commercial commodities, the chairman stated, adding that God forbids that things should go wrong in the peace process. The Government of India is expected to honour the lofty commitment given to the Nagas by the former Prime Minister, it added.

Stressing on reinforcing trust and confidence, it stated that the Nagas have never and will never ever try to cause or help cause the disintegration of India. “We wish a prosperous and strong India but Nagas have no hesitation to say that 16-point agreement was and is never the solution to the Indo-Naga problem,” it added.  

Ceasefire in the 60’s followed by six rounds of talk at the Prime Minister level and again the present ongoing negotiations for the past 24 years initiated by the then Prime Minister PV Narashimra Rao and religiously pursued by other five Prime Ministers should not be denigrated at the whims of certain small fries, it stated.  

The political stand of the Nagas in the past vis-à-vis India was “nothing to do with India” but today since the Government of India and the NSCN have signed the Framework Agreement, that India and Nagalim shall enter a new relationship for peaceful co-existence of the two entities on the basis of shared sovereignty, meaning, Nagas are sovereign people, Nagas will abide by the principle of the Framework Agreement- nothing above and nothing below the Framework Agreement, it stated.  

Only the principle of the Framework Agreement is the key to an honorable and acceptable solution for durable peace, it stated. Neither economic packages nor imposed political packages will bring a lasting solution, it added.

 “My dear brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, most of our leaders who have founded the NSCN are no more with us as they have gone the way of our fathers. But in their time, they have done their best which amazes us and also inspires us. Their vision, spirit with integrity and passion will continue to lead us till the ultimate day,” his message stated.

It stated that the formation of the NSCN was a call of history when the NNC had miserably failed to the Naga nation when the Shillong Accord was signed in November 1975 by its delegation. NNC had failed because they lost sight of the national goal, and it did not walk in step with the people on the front, it added.

“Any leader who goes out of step with his people is bound to go out of step with God as well and such a man ultimately ends up seeking convenience and a safe zone. This is a big lesson for all of us to keep in mind,” he stated in his message.

It added, “We are in an organisation bound by its disciplines, rules and regulations. We should never compromise our ethos of leading by power or good examples, and not be an example of power. Our culture of mutual respect and sacrifices should be upheld with more vigour.”

NSCN has its vision and mission, it stated, adding “as covenanted by God with our father, our vision is to not only liberate our people politically here on earth, but also prepare the highway of salvation for our people through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Therefore, our mission is to build a society of peace and justice and an egalitarian prosperity.”

As the life of a man is limited, so is the life of all organisations. When NSCN fails to represent the will and aspiration of the people, it will be the dead end of the organisation, the chairman stated.  

“At this historical defining moment, NSCN cadres should not allow ourselves to be caught unprepared; we must tighten our belt to face any eventualities,” it added. 

First Published:Jan. 31, 2021, 11:16 p.m.

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