CORCOM calls 18-hour shutdown on Republic Day in Manipur

The CORCOM has urged people to cease work, stay indoors and boycott Republic Day celebration in Manipur.

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India’s Republic Day celebration is boycotted by imposing an 18-hour total shutdown from 12 am of January 25 to 6 pm of January 26, the proscribed umbrella organisation CORCOM stated on Thursday.

The people are urged to cease work, stay indoors and boycott Republic Day which is celebrated by force, a release issued by the publicity committee stated. The total shutdown will exempt emergency services, matters related to faith and medical services, it added.

The CORCOM stated that the arrival of India’s 72nd Republic Day on January 26 gives an occasion to the people of Kangleipak to contemplate on the reality of their existence as a race which has lost its independence.

"The Constitution of India itself shows how we shall be completely obliterated from the surface of Earth one day or the other, if we continue to stay dependent on India for a longer period of time," it added.

Since the Indian Government can alter the status of this land as a state or a union territory as per the power conferred by Article 3 of the Constitution, there is a general apprehension that Kangleipak (Manipur) can be broken into smithereens anytime, it further stated.

It stated that the Constitution provides several rights and statuses to protect and develop smaller communities of the country e.g. Scheduled Tribe/ Caste, ILP, Sixth Schedule among others. However, a new government in the future can remove or alter these statuses as per their conveniences since the Constitution of India can be amended by the Parliament, it added.

Being a democracy, the Hindi speaking population which has the larger number of representatives at the Parliament will stifle the voice of those who have few representatives, it stated. Those having less number of representatives will have no other options but to assimilate and become one with the Hindi speaking country, and this has been the agenda of the Indian leaders, the release alleged.

It stated that Jammu & Kashmir became a part of India by getting special statuses and rights after its king Hari Sing signed the Instrument of Accession on October 26, 1947 but all those statuses were removed and it was torn apart into two pieces recently. The countries of the world and their citizens could not do anything except stand and watch because only Kashmiris have to fight for themselves and defend their own rights, it added.

"In a similar manner, we have to work on our own to escape from the clutches of India which has annexed our land by making king Bodhachandra sign the Instrument of Accession and Merger Agreement... No people of the world will shed blood for our war to regain the lost independence. If we remain satisfied with some protection provided by the Indian Constitution which can be changed anytime, then it will be a cause of our own demise," it added.

Despite the implementation of ILP, there has been an increase in the population of non locals in some regions of ‘Western South East Asia (WESEA)’, it added.

It is a natural obligation of a government to develop its country and its states, it further stated while adding if Manipur had not lost its independence, its own government would have given all efforts to develop it. Since Manipur is a part of India, it is supposed to work for the development of Manipur which along with ‘WESEA’, can actually become the most developed place in the country but at that time, the entire indigenous population will be replaced by Hindi speaking mainlanders, the release stated. This has been shown by the ongoing trend of administration by the Indian Government.

"This tells us that the only way to ensure our survival is to work together as one with other communities which have been settling together for thousands of years and take back the independence which was once stolen from us by India,” it added.

First Published:Jan. 22, 2021, 10:38 a.m.

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