India’s COVID-19 active caseload drops to 3.05 lakh

For nearly a month, new COVID-19 positive caseload has been falling below 40,000 daily.

India's total COVID-19 active caseload dropped to 3,05,344, which is  3.04 per cent of the country’s total positive cases, on Sunday, the Union Health Ministry said.

As per the latest updates by the ministry, 10 states and Union territories account for 66 per cent of the total active cases in the country. Maharashtra which has the highest COVID-19 caseload among all states accounts for 20.39 per cent.

Meanwhile, a total of 29,690 more patients are reported to have recovered taking the total recovered cases to 9,580,402 that pushed down the number of total active cases in the country. Kerala has reported the maximum number of single-day recoveries with 4,749 newly recovered cases. 3,119 people recovered in Maharashtra followed by 2,717 in West Bengal.

The number of daily new cases in the last 24 hours was recorded at 26,624. Kerala reported the highest daily new cases at 6,293, followed by Maharashtra with 3,940 new cases, the ministry stated. The daily new cases have been swinging below 40,000 since the last 21 days continuously.

The number of daily fatalities has also dropped. A total of 341 case fatalities were reported in the past 24 hours. Maharashtra saw the maximum single-day casualties with 74, followed by West Bengal and Delhi with 43 and 32 deaths, respectively.


First Published:Dec. 20, 2020, 12:18 p.m.

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