Degrading quality of relationship in our society

Each and every moment of our life should be treated like a festival in terms of relationship.

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Theme of every festival goes down to a good relationship. Maintaining a good relationship only on the day of festival degrades the value of festivals. Each and every moment of our life should be treated like a festival in terms of relationship. Cordial relationships are essential to be happy, prosperous and successful in every field. A company can't be successful without a coordinated and cordial relation between manager, worker and customers. Utmost important among the advantages of a good relationship is that a person can't be happy and content without maintaining cordial relation with everyone around him. India ranks 144th in the world happiness report which is much below our smaller and economically weaker neighboring countries like Nepal, Sri lanka, Myanmar, Pakistan etc. Human beings can't exist alone in this world and everything in this world is interrelated. We are embedded in a complex network of various relationships, many of which are vital to our well-being.

Friendly Relation: A true friend is one of the most precious possessions that one can have in his life and a person you can always count on when you face challenges and serious problems. Increasing competition in every field, ego and self centric  activities brings down the quality of friendship. Developing a friendship by looking at its advantage is the destructing point of that friendship. Friendship which develops from similarity and familiarization due to bad habits like drinking and gambling will never last longer and they are always doubtful to each other to be a faithful friend. Friends who have parasitic nature should be avoided because they will never understand your distress. Never take a decision insisted by unknown online friends. There are many frauds and criminals operating online to achieve their target.

Romantic Relation:  Some parents and aged people are irritated to hear the term "romance". The basic instinct of human beings can't be subdued forever but it is necessary to guide the younger generation when and how to start a romantic relationship. Real life romance and discussion of romantic relations is something to be encouraged in the family. There is a big difference between romance and sex. Current scenario of romantic relations is totally different from the time of Shakespeare. If you are not capable enough to know the intention of the opposite gender, don't step into a romantic relation since sex becomes an inseparable part of today's romantic relation. If a person starts giving more importance to lust, then the romantic relation should end at that point. Practice of having more than one boyfriend or girlfriend to choose the best will be repulsive, instead try yourself to become the best.

Family Relation:A person needs a happy family to be confident in life. Children brought up in a healthy family will be able to form better bonds outside their home. Relationship among the family members is the mirror of our society in terms of quality relationship. Respect only in the form of language is useless without proper intention. Words from elders should be treated like the command of God. On the other hand parents and elders should consider the opinion and suggestions of family members while making a decision. Bonding among the family members reduced after the marriage of a male member. Disgruntled between female members for household chores will end if parents treat their daughter-in-laws like daughters. Parents want their son-in-law to be dominated by their daughter but they don't want the same condition with their own son.

The desire of an independent couple's life without their parents will be an embarrassing mistake. Couple life needs some privacy but you can't distance yourself completely from your parents because maximum aged parents depend socially and economically on their siblings. Younger generation should plan to be economically independent from their children when they become old. Increasing the number of old age homes is a sign of degrading quality of family relationships. Parents brought you up by holding your hand in every aspect of your life and they also invest whatever they have for your welfare. The worst and inhumane practice of keeping their old parents to old age home should be discouraged. Property disputes among the family members arise after the parents expire. Parents need to give property will to their children as early as possible to avoid future contention.

Disappointment and conflicts of married couples started after the end of their honeymoon stage. Crimes related to extra marital affairs and eloping of married women is an alarm to our society. Need to rethink the traditional approach of relationships as options for emotional and physical satisfaction are easily available through social media platforms, workplace, online dating sites etc. Latest survey by Gleeden( dating app.) indicates that around 55 per cent of married Indians cheated on their partner at least once. Importance of sexual satisfaction can't be ignored in a couple relationship. Couples need to come out from the traditional hide and seek relation and they also require to openly discuss their personal needs and wants. Couples should remind the words of Seth Adam Smith that "We simply can't abandon ship every time we encounter a storm in our marriage and real love is about weathering the storms of life together."

Social Relation: Our social relationships are limited, most of the time, to gossip and criticizing people's behavior. Instead of discussing people's character in hotels and roadsides, we need to discuss the ideas related to development of our society. Daniel Defoe had rightly pointed out that "Everybody's business is Nobody's business" and we need to come out from this mindset. Instead of encouraging people taking initiative for the welfare of our society, we are pulling them down to satisfy our ego and self interest. The phenomenon of going in the direction of a village or local leader is changing. Need to convince everyone while making a social decision. A society which makes provision for participation of all its members on equal terms and secures flexible readjustment will prosper. Our society must have a type of education which gives individuals a personal interest in social work and relationship.

(The views expressed are the writer's own)

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First Published:Dec. 13, 2020, 8:28 p.m.

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