Manipur High Court: Filing of fresh cases to be accepted through email

Entry to the bank and post office in the Manipur high court complex will be restricted.



The Manipur High Court has notified that the high court and the subordinate courts should take up motion cases, limited urgent regular and pending cases through video conferencing on various dates to be fixed, depending on the nature of urgency for early or regular listing.

The holding of limited physical court for the high court will be decided by the concerned judges after taking into account the need, nature and stage of the case and with the permission of the Chief Justice, said a release issued by the high court. It also said that the special ordered cases of the high court will be done through video conferencing and for the district courts, holding of limited physical court will be decided by the concerned Presiding Officer, it added.

For the high court, the filing of fresh cases and other applications or documents will be accepted through email at “” without restriction and for the district courts or tribunals, fresh cases shall be filed by email in soft copy format, stated the release.

It stated that Manipur Judicial Academy will conduct online training programmes during the COVID pandemic and in view of the hardship faced by the common people during the pandemic, Manipur State Legal Services Authority should take up urgent legal services activities at all levels, following the COVID-19 protocol.

Asserting that the pending cases, other than listed cases, fixed for hearing on daily basis up to December 2 shall be adjourned to subsequent dates in respect of high court and district courts, the statement notified that it will not apply to the special courts and trials as directed by the Supreme Court and the high court.

The notification further stated that entry to the bank and post office in the high court complex will be restricted and regulated in view of strict COVID-19 protocol.


First Published:Nov. 6, 2020, 10:26 p.m.

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