NSU Row: Manipur government reaffirms construction site as located in Imphal West; NH blockade lifted

The land measurement done on December 15, 2016 mentioned in its finalised publication as shed number 4 (40-Senjam Khunou), Imphal West.

Blockade in Kangpokpi district (File Image_IFP)

Manipur Forest and Environment Minister Awangbow Newmai, on behalf of the ministerial team, has informed that the state government has reaffirmed the site of the National Sports University (NSU), Haraothel that was submitted to the Central government in earlier instances.

A release signed by the minister cautioned that the state government will take appropriate action against persons responsible for circulating of fabricated information in social media based on fake documents regarding the NSU.

“The government will continue to consult all the stakeholders and extend cooperation in future to ensure that NSU becomes operational with the least delay,” the minister assured.

Meanwhile, locals of Imphal West district inhabiting in Haraothel area met chief minister on Friday evening and urged to reaffirm the site of NSU, Haraothel as located in Imphal West district.

Local MLA, Heikham Dingo handover the said release issued by forest and environment minister to the locals of Imphal West district.

As the demand of the locals was fulfilled, the national highway (Imphal-Dimapur) roadblock was lifted on Friday night itself.

On Saturday, a public meeting was conducted regarding the NSU matter at community hall of Koutruk organised by ‘NSU Construction Demand Committee 47-Koutruk and 47-Senjam Khunou.

In a leaflet issued during the public meeting, it is mentioned that it is not relevant to impose CrPC 144 by DC, Kangpokpi in and around the surroundings of NSU construction site which is located at Imphal West beyond its jurisdiction.  People expressed strong condemnations saying that the imposition of 144 is irrelevant.

According to a survey order (number 400/4/survey (IW) 2015 DSLR dated 1/6/2015), land demarcation was conducted under the then director, Salam Somorjit.

The land measurement done on December 15, 2016 mentioned in its finalised publication as shed number 4 (40-Senjam Khunou), Imphal West.

A total of 185.62 acres shed number 4 (40-Senjam Khunou) along with 140.23 acres from 47-Koutruk with a total of 325.90 acres of land was donated to state government with relevant documents for the construction of NSU in Haraothel (Koutruk).

Details of the construction site are mentioned as total area 325.90 acres; patta number 315 of 47-Koutruk village and 40-Senjam Khunou; Tehsil, Lamshang and Sekmai; village number 47-Koutruk and 40-Senjam Khunou, Imphal West district.

On December 10, 2018, land demarcation was completed under the director of land settlement order number 400/5/20D7 DSLR (PD) to start the construction work of NSU. It was again demarcated for the second time on October 5, 2020.

Sources informed that two persons involved in circulating fake documents regarding NSU have been arrested.


First Published:Oct. 10, 2020, 10:46 p.m.

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