Locals demand unconditional release of youths arrested by Irilbung police

Locals of Tarung and Guigailong village staged a demonstration at Tarung community hall on Sunday.

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Demanding unconditional release of two youths of Tarung who were reportedly arrested by Irilbung police on September 18, locals of Tarung and Guigailong village staged a demonstration at Tarung community hall on Sunday. The arrested youths are identified as Suaihiamguan Kamson, 18, son of Ajang Kamson and Rathailung Panmei, 27, son of Gaikhuanlung Panmei of Tarung.

A release signed by fathers of the two youths stated that two individuals stole a Royal Enfield Motorcycle parked in front of former MLA Jangamlung Panmei’s house on September 12 around 6 in the evening at Tarung. Following the incident, Suaihiamguan and Rathailung drove a Suzuki Breeza car and chased after the stolen motorcycle. In their search, the duo visited Minuthong Hatta and Lilong and came across the stolen bike at Canchipur while they were returning from Lilong, it said.

After confirming the registration number of the vehicle, the duo asked the two persons in the bike to stop the vehicle. However, the two people drove the bike towards Lilong and met with an accident in front of Lilong bridge. Thereafter, they tried to escape and jump inside Leishang Hiden. However, one of them was arrested by the locals of the area and he was later handed over to Lamphel police. On September 14, IO of Lamphel police reported to Irilbung police that the arrested individual had expired on September 13, the release said.

The FIR report stated that Suaihiamguan and Rathailung influenced the locals to thrash and kill the individual. It also questioned why Lamphel police failed to declare/ announce the death of the person who was in their custody on the day he passed away.

The release further added that Lamphel police took statements from Suaihiamguan and Rathailung on September 14. On September 17, Irilbung police also took statements from the two. Again on September 18, Lamphel police called the two people again and handed them over to Irilbung police station since when the two youths have been detained, the release added.


First Published:Sept. 21, 2020, 10:36 a.m.

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