Social Welfare Minister Nemcha Kipgen provides solar lamps to over 40 churches in Kangpokpi

Minister Nemcha Kipgen provided solar lamps to churches with an aim to motivate selfless service towards humankinds.

Social Welfare and Cooperation Minister Nemcha Kipgen, the local MLA of Kangpokpi assembly constituency, provided solar lamps to more than 40 churches within Kangpokpi district headquarters and its adjoining areas under her constituency.

Considering the vital role and immense contribution of churches which serves as a transformation and change agent in the society, the minister decided to provide the solar lamps with an aim to motivate the churches’ selfless service towards humankinds.

“The church can play an important role in community cohesion. This is important because we live in an increasingly multicultural and multi-religious society. Church seeks to work with other religious groups to help keep peace and harmony in the community and the society,” asserted Nemcha.

She also said that church is the centre of community life as it can have an important role in challenging the changes in society while it helps meet the physical needs of the poor and the emotional needs of the lonely and distraught while it ministers to people at the pivotal times of life like birth, marriage, death and times of crisis.

“Churches are a public service to the surrounding communities as they provide just about everything. It has come of age and collaborates with different organisations to improve the well-being of communities around their vicinity through social and economic community development programmes,” she said.

The minister further said that people embrace church or the idea of church during a time of crisis, but in times of peace and prosperity, the church seems to become irrelevant again, however, regardless of this double standard, the church keeps people grounded, flushing out the burden of life by providing bedrock of faith and answers to humanity’s deepest needs.

She also recalled the immeasurable selfless contribution of churches in Kangpokpi towards the government and district administration during the pandemic COVID-19.

Meanwhile, on behalf of the various churches in Kangpokpi district headquarters, general secretary of Kangpokpi Town Churches Fellowship, Rev Jangkhogin Chongloi, who is also the father of Believer Church, Kangpokpi, expressed immense joy and gratitude to Nemcha for providing the solar lamps.

He said that once church services are resuming, it will immensely help the church goers in the worship service and other church activities.
On behalf of the various church congregations, Jangkhogin blessed the minister for healthy and holy wisdom in her future endeavours.


First Published:Sept. 19, 2020, 9:23 a.m.

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