Books for company may help keep Coronavirus away this pandemic

Stay home, stay safe with books for your company to cope with the Covid time

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COVID-19 has created havoc in the lives of the people around the globe. The pandemic has disrupted the regular routine of an individual thereby confining them at home. This prolonged 'stay at home' or isolated lifestyle has been detrimental for the mental health of the people, leading to a considerable rise in anxiety and stress levels among the people. The influx of news on the depressing state of affairs has further added to the tension and worry of the people.

In the current situation with millions in the world locked at home or under isolation due to COVID-19, for a change, one can shove asied all gadgets and unwind with a book.One can turn to the old school quality habit of reading for an avenue of enjoyment and relaxation. Reading a book has several benefits of its own, which when inculcated can bring about positive changes in a person’s life, especially with this ongoing crisis.

Reading, as many have said, can be considered a workout for the mind. Reading a book for a couple of hours is beneficial for cognitive development of the mind as well as for an increase in empathy of an individual. In such uncertain circumstances, with people losing their existing jobs, one can always learn and develop new skills with reading of books.

Unlike television and other entertainment media, books provide a much better and enriching experience for the individual. Books help in exercising one’s imaginative potential thereafter creating a distraction for the mind and keeping oneself busy in these trying times.

If you are not in a positin to venture out or haven't had the time to hit the bookstore in your to check out on the latest and new releases, you may find some good reads online: Perhaps, a book a day or two can help the keep the doctors away during this pandemic time and make the best use of the isolation time..  



First Published:Sept. 15, 2020, 12:18 p.m.

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