Khongsai Youth Union condemns 'brutal act' by KNF-Z

KHYU has conducted an urgent enquiry into the incident

Representational image (PHOTO: Pixabay)

The Khongsai Youth Union (KHYU) has condemned the cadres of the SoO signatory group, Kuki National Front – Zougam (KNF-Z) “for brutally and mercilessly torturing the chief of Ingourok, Pu Thenkholai Khongsai” on Monday evening.

A release stated that the chief was dragged out from his residence by the said cadres, blindfolded and grievous hurt was inflicted on his body with weapons and arms. Even his personal car with license plate number MN 01W 7851 (Hyundai santro) was stolen by the criminals, it alleged.

KHYU has conducted an urgent enquiry and has concluded that all available evidence suggested the innocence of the chief, it stated. The act of torturing a village chief is highly reprehensible as chieftainship is a time-cherished important institution, it stated.

The act implies a scant disregard for the institution of chieftainship and personal hatred of the said chief which is unfortunate, it stated. If the process of conciliation, as per customary rules, is not initiated or the santro car is not returned within a reasonable time, the KHYU and the Khongsais will not remain a mere spectator, it stated. They should not be blamed for the resulting action that will ensue, it added.

The KHYU unequivocally condemns the narrow-mindedness of the cadres of the SoO signatory KNF-Z in indulging in such brutal torture of the said chief, it stated.

First Published:Aug. 19, 2020, 9:52 a.m.

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