South Korean company donates air purifiers for Manipur health department

The purifiers were handed over to Health Minister L Jayantakumar by director of Chamhana GW India Private Ltd, Mrinal Rajkumar.

To help combat COVID-19 in Manipur, a South Korean company Chamhana GW India Private Ltd donated three Active air sterilisation purifiers to the state Health department on Tuesday.

The purifiers were handed over to Minister L Jayantakumar by director of the company, Mrinal Rajkumar. The air purifier sterilizes bacteria and viruses in the air by using a complex ion exchange method, absorption method, decomposition method and far infrared ray.

The air purifier will be set up at COVID care centres and other strategic locations to help in preventing COVID-19.

The minister expressed his appreciation to the help provided by the South Korean company during the pandemic. He said, such acts will boost the morale of the doctors and the COVID patients in the COVID Care Centres. 

First Published:Aug. 12, 2020, 7:33 a.m.

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