Population: A national asset shrinking in a lunatic rat race

when leading figures of the Indian society lament about the "population explosion" as if it offer a hindrance on the path of nation's growth, it certainly invokes bout of laughter. It resembles ignoring value of precious minerals by sitting upon unlimited gold or oil reserves.

Where vacancies after vacancies do not exist... Imphal, Manipur (PHOTO: IFP)

Far from becoming a burden of the nation, population is actually a national asset which needs to be harnessed to the full to make a nation truly prosperous in all respects and fields. And India is fortunate enough that this huge population includes a very large percentage of youth brigade who have the luxury of years, energy and agility to lead the nation for a significant period of time. Had population indeed been a burden, many first-world countries would not have feel perturbed following decreasing rate of growth with senior citizens exceeding youth. Also they would not have encouraged citizens to reproduce more by offering them various incentives. After all who would run the nation in future!

So when leading figures of the Indian society lament  about the "population explosion" as if it offer a hindrance on the path of nation's growth, it certainly invokes bout of laughter. It resembles ignoring value of precious minerals by sitting upon unlimited gold or oil reserves.

By playing true to the adage "A bad workman quarrels with his tools"; individuals leaders or authorities who are incapable of harnessing human resource to its full potential or do not hold any desire to harness it, actually try to sweep their abject failures under the carpet of "population explosion"!

To ensure full utilisation of human resource, the concerned authorities are required to create more and more job opportunities. But far from creating it; be it Centralised sector to states to private enterprise --- all are engaged in a lunatic rat race to shrink human strength just to maximise profit or to lessen the "burden" of paying salaries pensions and related benefits like medical.

Today there exists not a single sector in the country where vacancies after vacancies do not exist! When humanity and necessity demand more and more creation of job openings to provide livelihood to the youth brigade and in turn render proper service towards the society; the hard reality remains that even the existing posts are getting more and more vacant!

Thanks to such ever increasing vacancies; youth brigade are not getting jobs, the ever-shrinking work force are getting burdened with more and more work load and resultantly services also not getting rendered in satisfactory smooth brisk way.

Moreover just like a chain reaction, vacancies in jobs resultantly affect others also. In office premises many persons gain sustenance by vending food articles tea and snacks. Most of them have fixed clientele and earn their bread through honest hard work. As the years roll by personnel continue to retire with recruitment being absolutely nil or negligible. Automatically with loss of clientele, their income also get reduced often compelling them to wound up their business.

If retrenchment is followed, even the children of the hapless job losers will have to forsake education and either starve beg or enter the market of child labour. If more job openings will be created along with filling up of all vacancies in all sectors; our borders can be protected with more vigilance, our medical centres can provide better service, our educational sector can ensure better teaching, policing in society can be more stringent, people would have more money in their pockets, their children can get highly educated, increase in purchasing power will increase demand thereby providing that much needed boost to economy and economic inequality will also decrease with all-round prosperity.

China to USA have brilliantly used its population strength in Olympic sports always ranking in top grade. More well harnessed population translate to more doctors technocrats scientists artists earning reputation for the country and contributing to the welfare of the international community.   Now which path would the concerned authorities adopt is their prerogative, but this excuse of "population explosion" must stop immediately.

First Published:July 12, 2020, 3:51 p.m.

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