Tribute to Unsung Heroes

There exist an infinite times greater number of employees who slog out in the offices day in and day out with utmost efficiency, honesty and sincerity.

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BELITTLING government employees has got promoted to "latest fashion" in this society! One of the main points of diatribe against them is "liberal dose of holidays"! Now do the government employees themselves declare holidays in favour of them? Has anybody heard them demanding holidays at the top of the voice from the government? Would the employees break the lock of their respective offices and engage in work if the government declares holidays? What do the "workaholics" in other sectors talk about!

Next comes the accusation of government employees being "lazy" "indolent" "corrupt" and "unaccountable" to public/work! Since bad apples exist in each and every sector of the society; careless employees indeed do exist in many offices. But what the critics cleverly consign to oblivion is the fact that there exist an infinite times greater number of employees who slog out in the offices day in and day out with utmost efficiency, honesty and sincerity. And can they name any particular profession or sector whose each and every affiliated member are harbingers of honest work and accountability? 

Had the individuals, displaying such hatred towards government employees, possessed even an iota of honesty and courage; then they would have concentrated on the ills plaguing each and every sector of the country. Right from politics, medicine, engineering, bureaucracy, hospitality, judiciary, education to private sector and what not; all sectors pathetically lack minimum accountability. And less said about the business and industrial sector the better. Not only do they inflate the selling price of all goods and services; these unscrupulous lot evade income tax, sales tax and property tax also in broad daylight.

As if hoarding essential commodities are not enough so as to create an artificial crisis in the market, thereby increasing the price of the products and then selling it at a greater profit; this corrupt sector also raises the price of goods and services during festival periods so as to make a quick buck. Still the "enlightened"  individuals remain at the farthest distance from criticising these parasites and blood-suckers of this society just because, unlike government employees; they hold considerable economic, political and muscular clout.  In contrast, government employee-bashing is not only an absolutely safe option; it is also the "in-thing"  to be applauded by the lowest common denominator! What a shameless disgusting hypocrite cowardly character-assassinating play to the gallery!

Lastly, the section of the population harboring so much poison in their hearts reserved for the government sector should remember that during natural disasters like floods; it is the government employees only who remain at the forefront providing relief day in and day out by risking their own lives in face of deluge disease or snakes. Also the whole foundation of Indian democracy is based on the unsung toil of hard-working government employees who not only prepare or correct voter list by visiting homes in every nook and corner of the society; but also conduct the Great Indian poll by venturing to remotest of remote polling centres(by walking climbing boating) and performing their almost 2-day job often without minimum basic requirements of food water toilet or electricity!

It is high time the society refrains from hanging one and only the government employees by giving them a very very bad name just for the carelessness of a few bad apples!

(The views expressed are personal)

First Published:Oct. 9, 2021, 11:30 a.m.

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