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Who is afraid of RK Meghen?
IFP Bureau | Updated: November 14, 2019 14:29:52 pm
rk Meghen

United National Liberation Front (UNLF) chairman RK Meghen was released from the Guwahati Central jail on November 9 after serving his full sentence. He was sentenced to a jail term of 10 years by the NIA special judge in 2016 for the crime of waging war against the Indian nation among other offenses. During his jail term, Meghen never sought leniency or bail. He left the court to sentence him as per their judicial wisdom.  

Unlike other insurgents who deny their antecedents when arrested- many militants deny their linkage to a particular group that they may belong to bypass the judicial system. That many a times, the public prosecutor would have a hard time trying to prove that a man is linked with an underground outfit. The criminal justice system is akin to a double edged sword, where one can opt to defend and on the flip side- to attack.  Perhaps. with the intention that the public prosecutor cannot establish the man as an insurgent, and the accused charged with having ties of insurgency and as a rebel can go out on bail. 

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The court as deemed by the Supreme Court of India envisages that bail is the right and jail is the exception, that the liberty of any individual though challenged by the state authorities can be challenged through due process of the law.

Any court in its wisdom has to set someone free though on bail if charges cannot be established within a period of six months. That any man is innocent unless proven otherwise.

One thing which needs to be pointed out is that everyone has the right to free speech, everyone has the right to dream, everyone has the right to fight for what he feels is true! In that particular way of thought and aspiration, Meghen did what he felt was the right thing to do. Now, when he has been freed by the system, he is again ‘requested’ to be in Delhi as per directive from the Home Affairs Ministry.

Is it fair that a man who has been jailed for 10 years, who has served his time- where the judge has practically thrown the book at him , where leniency was not pleaded, is it fair that someone who has served his full sentence be arrested again under the same charge?

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Why is the Indian government so cautious of that it has ‘requested’ a man who has been fined ten years of his life under its criminal justice system to not go back to his state.  What is the fear of the State? And is that reason valid for imposing so ?

Very interesting to know that RK Meghen holds such a command over the system that when he has been fined under the system, a decade spent under detention, the system is still not courageous to be able to let him go free as deserved. The law must be fair to everyone and the system must follow that rule, if justice is not done, if injustice pervades…then it’s up to one to fight the good fight for the cause that one believes in. And as Fidel Castro stated -history will at last absolve him for fighting the good fight.

Leader writer- Paojel Chaoba

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