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Water resources department notification has discrepancies: TRCC
IFP Bureau | First Published: January 3, 2020 16:39:16 pm

While praising the initiative of the state government to form a District Survey Report (DSR) for each district of the state, Thoubal River Conservation Committee (TRCC) has raised concern over the notice issued by Water resources Department especially on the part where it called for aid from interested consultancies.

A release from TRCC convenor Kh Inaocha asserted the notification is filled with discrepancies and there are certain suspicious elements. The aim of the DSR is to identify where proper structures for mining and resources will not be depleted, it said while adding that there seems to be no mentions in the survey notice of the illegal mining sites which have been major causes of disturbances.

A major cause of concern is the responsibility handed to District Level Environment Impact Assessment Authority (DEIAA) for sources of potable drinking water which will lead to adverse impacts on the traditional environment and ecology of the district, it asserted.

Decrying the decision, it stated that handling responsibility to such department for the operations is a source of bewilderment. To stop illegal mining of sands and soil ought to be the responsibility of Commerce and Industries department and with detailed studies from the Water Resources Department, Environment directorate, Forest Department and DEIAA, the sites must be allocated it said.

Careful considerations must also be taken so that balance must be maintained that while mining operations continue the ecology must not be harmed in the interest of all, it continued while also maintaining the importance of approval from DEIAA. But anyone concerned must take chances to degrade the name of TRCC, it warned while also adding a public appeal to deal with the issue. A case will be submitted to the High Court in regard to the discrepancies in the notice, the release added.

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