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UNLF pledges to continue freedom struggle on 55th raising day – I
IFP Bureau | First Published: November 23, 2019 12:45:55 pm

The proscribed United National Liberation Front (UNLF) through its central committee representing the organisation and its military wing, Manipur People’s Army (MPA) has extended its ‘revolutionary greetings’ and shared the organisation’s annual statement to the people on the occasion of its 55th birth anniversary which falls on Sunday.

The history of ‘Manipur nation’ which is facing all the external forces by the collective effort of the forefathers, is witnessed by the documents and treaties of its neighbouring countries as well as of the British,  said a release issued by the central committee.

The fate of its composite history and identity of all its indigenous ethnic groups having organic relationships is on the verge of ultimate obliteration due to the consistent conspiracy of Indian Imperialist’s divide and rule policy, it said. “It has fragmented our collectives throughout the long 70 years since the very day Manipur was annexed in 1949,” The release added.

Further it said the most potent colonial policy of the Imperialist India is to racially assimilate all the distinct ethnos of this region which are already kept suppressed politically, economically and socio-culturally, to the mainland India which is quite different from this region in every aspect.  

In these 70 years of hegemonic colonial rule of India, the people of this region have been degraded and dehumanised and they have become slavish and dependent, it added.

India’s Hinduisation policy

Since the Sangha Parivar of VHP, RSS and BJP of the extreme Hindu right wing with their allies came to power in Delhi, they began exercising imposition of their ‘Hindutva’ ideology all over India threatening the existence of smaller groups and minorities which have distinctive language, culture, religion, and identities from the Hindu heartlands, the release maintained.

As such, shedding aside the Mantra of  ‘Unity in Diversity’ used to trick and to coerce those different 565 princely states subjugating into the India Nation making, today the majority Hindu population is taking strong calculative steps to impose a uniform civil code to their advantage, it alleged.

Oneness of India

This policy of the majority Hindus and Hindi heartlands have become a battleground for the life and death of small and minority populations having distinctive language, origin, culture and identities, it said. The main objective of this oneness of India is to assimilate and obliterate the smaller distinct nationalities so that India becomes one nation, one people, one culture so and so, it added. 

Demographic invasion

“Our utmost necessity and indispensable duty that we have to continue our liberation struggle to resist the Indian Imperialists which are colonising and trying to assimilate our land and people,” it stated. 

But all the while, India is engineering a relentless, demographic invasion of this region with their excess population to resolve the Manipur-India national contradiction once and for all with racial assimilation, it further alleged. “These outsiders are settling and encroaching upon our lands and workplaces; and cohabiting with our indigenous people, thereby eroding our socio-cultural and racial identities,” the central committee maintained.

The release further said Manipur and other indigenous peoples of ‘Western South East Asia (WESEA)’ could resist the Indian government’s effort to table the Citizen’s Amendment Bill (CAB).  The Bill was introduced to give citizenship and settlements to the illegal immigrants having the same racial and religious affinity with mainland Indians, it said while adding the government of India is pushing to re-introduce CAB against the wishes of our people. This is to achieve their goal of racial assimilation of our indigenous people to the vast population of mainland India, it added.

On Jammu & Kashmir

The recent forced bifurcation of the state of Jammu & Kashmir into two Union Territories by abrogating Article 370 and Article 35(A) of Indian Constitution thereby abolishing the Jammu and Kashmir Parliament which have a separate Constitution, is an extreme and rude action of India, it stated.

Lakhs of Indian occupation forces were deployed in the already heavily militarised Kashmir, put the people at gunpoint, keeping hundreds of their leaders behind bars including women and shutting down media and internet as well, it alleged.  This is India’s total disregard of democracy and a clear case of human right violation, it added.

The release further said on the other hand, India is violating the terms of the Agreement signed between India and and J&K at the time of merger of two nations.

This is total violation of International Protocol and shows India’s obstinacy, it said.

This is nothing but violation of the civil and political rights of the Kashmiri people, it said, adding this act of government of India is condemned by the right thinking people all over the world and more and more support of the struggle of Kashmiri people is in the offing. 

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