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UN to help Mizoram fight battle against AIDS
IFP Bureau | First Published: January 10, 2020 16:27:16 pm
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The United Nations has assured all assistance to Mizoram in its battle against AIDS following the financial assistance and logistics support sought by the state government in view of the alarming spread of HIV infection in the state, official sources said.

Official reports states that on an average nine people are diagnosed HIV positive daily in the state and of the nearly 11 lakh population, 2.04 per cent have fallen prey to the disease. And, over 2,400 deaths due to AIDS have been reported since 1990 when the first case was confirmed in the state, according to officials of the Mizoram State AIDS Control Society (MSACS).

In view of the disturbing situation, Mizoram Health Minister R Lalthangliana called on the international director of the UNAIDS in Washington DC, Regan Hofmann on Monday, sources said. They said he sought financial aid and logistic support from UNAIDS to combat the menace in Mizoram. Following it, the UN has promised to provide all possible assistance, they added.

Meanwhile, the Mizoram government is planning to introduce a chapter on AIDS in school curriculum as a part of its awareness programme among the young people.

According to the MSACS, the virus is transmitted sexually in over 67 per cent of the cases, while use of infected needles is the cause for 28.12 per cent of the AIDS victims.

(With inputs from agencies)

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