Suspected WWII bombs found in Churachandpur

The two bombs were defused near L Molvom village, Churachandpur district on Sunday.

Two bombs suspected to be of the Second World War era were found and defused near L Molvom village, Churachandpur district on Sunday.

It came to light after reports were made to Churachandpur police station around 8.30 am by the village chief of Monglenphai-Tollen village. A police team immediately rushed to the spot and cordoned off the area.

Sources said that the two bombs were found at two different sites; one at the cemetery of the village while the villagers were digging a grave and the other was found by a JCB driver who was working near the spot.

A bomb disposal squad from CID (Technical) from Imphal arrived and along with the Churachandpur police team, it was disposed of by means of controlled explosion.

The two three inches high explosive bombs were disposed of on Sunday at a secluded place of L Molvom Village at Sangai University Cite of the district. Experts from Imphal said the bombs can cause a fatal impact in a 50 meter radius.

Interestingly, it was found that the bombs were found on Saturday and were kept at the chief’s residence till the matter was reported this morning to Churachandpur police station. The team led by SI Japao Kipgen rushed to the place and disposed of the bomb after collecting them from the chief’s residence.

Two bombs suspected to be unexploded WWII aerial bombs were also found recently from a sewage drain at Hatta near Imphal Indian Army War Cemetery, Hatta.

First Published:June 15, 2020, 12:09 p.m.