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Statement on Chassad-Kamjong incident by TKL Delhi
IFP Bureau | First Published: March 21, 2020 08:09:52 am
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The Tangkhul Katamnao Long Delhi (TKLD) empathizes with the people of Chassad and Sampui and the neighbouring villages for the loss of property, disruption of normal life, and psychological trauma because of the incidents that happened on 15th and 16th March, 2020. It is unfortunate that an issue that could have been resolved amicably went out of control. It is our prayer that restitution of normal life happens at the soonest and peace and understanding between the two villages is forged for all future generations to come.
The union is hard-pressed to refute statements the Kuki organizations have produced with regard to this incident that conceals the truth. It is objective and helpful for any person and organization to investigate and know the chronology of the events to avoid the psychology of victimhood and manipulation of facts when people are emotional. The continued use of terms like “ethnic cleansing” and “genocide” by our Kuki brethren is to forget the uncountable innocent Naga lives they took, villages they raided and burnt, land they have grabbed and it deliberately aims to instigate communal tension and bringing back the wound and memories of the past. The Sampui Village and Chassad Village conflict to us is a case of inter village conflict and not a Tangkhul and Kuki conflict like how the Kuki organizations are projecting.
Similar incident is totally avoidable in future if we learn to accept historical facts with respect and sincerity. Peaceful co-existence is possible only if immigrants or the alien, however powerful, don’t distort history and know the land and its owner where the Kuki brothers have come to stay. Conflict arises when immigrants or alien populations try to change the situation of the land by force or deceit.
We appeal to the Kuki brothers for restrain of unwarranted statements and wish for peace and normalcy to return in Chassad and Sampui village soon.
(Issued by President TKLD,  KS Masotmi and General Secretary TKLD,  Songaning Horam – The views expressed are personal)

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