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Sparkle up your feet with Red Garra and bust the stress
IFP Bureau | First Published: February 1, 2020 10:22:08 am
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Fish Spa pedicure is a must for all weary feet. Pamper your feet with Red Garra and bust the stress at the first ever Fish Spa in Manipur and the second in Northeast India.

Fish spa – Garra Spas – was inaugurated at RIMS road, Imphal on Friday.

Fish Spa pedicure is a beauty treatment that uses dozens of tiny fish called Red Garra also known as doctor fish to nibble away dead and hardened skin from the feet.

Briefing the media after the inaugural session, owner of the Garra Spas, RK Ongbi Valerie said that Gara fish spa is the second in Northeast since the first spa has already started giving its service in Guwahati.

Valerie also said that fish Garra pedicure can provide treatment for few diseases and the spa service is also a part of a recreational activity as it is new in the state.

Top seven Benefits of Red Garra Pedicure, according to Valerie:

  1. Fish spa or Red Garra pedicure removes dead skin
  2. It improves improves blood circulation
  3. Red garra pedicure reduces itching
  4. Fish pedicure makes the feet smoother
  5. It also reduces stress levels
  6. Fish pedicure heals crack feet
  7. Red garra pedicure also nourishes the skin
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