Sikkim an integral part of India: Kejriwal clarifies on government’s ad

An advertisement issued by the Directorate of Civil Defence, Delhi government mentioned Sikkim as a separate nation

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has clarified on the erroneous advertisement that referred Sikkim as "subject” along with those from Bhutan and Nepal and said the advertisement had been withdrawn. A senior officer of the Directorate of Civil Defence (HQ) was on Saturday suspended with immediate effect after an the advertisement stirred controversy.

"Sikkim is an integral part of India. Such errors also cannot be tolerated. Advertisement has been withdrawn and action taken against the officer concerned," Kejriwal tweeted.

On Saturday, an advertisement issued by the Directorate of Civil Defence of Delhi government, was published in leading Delhi newspapers calling volunteers to join Civil Defense Corps. In its eligibility criteria, it mentioned that those who wants to join have to be a citizen of India, "subject of Bhutan, Nepal and Sikkim," or resident of Delhi. 

Following criticism from the opposition parties, Delhi Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal said that the officer was suspended for publishing the advertisement which disrespects the territorial integrity of India.

"A senior officer of Directorate of Civil Defence (HQ) has been suspended with immediate effect for publishing an Advertisement which disrespects the territorial integrity of India by making incorrect reference to Sikkim on the same lines as some neighbouring countries," Baijal tweeted on Saturday.

“Zero tolerance for such gross misconduct! Direction has also been given immediately to withdraw the offensive advertisement,” the LG said in another tweet.

The Himalayan region, known for its picturesque landscape became an Indian state in 1975.

First Published:May 24, 2020, 8:09 p.m.