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‘Eight persons detected as Scrub Typhus positive, but not sick’
IFP Bureau | First Published: January 25, 2020 23:44:35 pm
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“Eight positive cases of Scrub Typhus have been detected positive, though the infected persons have not shown any symptoms. The positive samples alone will not tell that they are actually sick of Scrub Typhus,” said additional director State Public Health, Dr L Arke.

Dr Arke talking to Imphal Free Press, stated that Scrub Typhus has symptoms of fever and chills, headache, body aches, muscle pain and rash. Samples of blood collected on January 22 detected that eight persons are Scrub Typhus positive.

However, they have not experienced such symptoms, he stated. Those who have suffered from Scrub Typhus a year before will be positive in their blood tests, he added.  

“We cannot say that positive detection means the person is suffering from Scrub Typhus. Until a person suffers from Scrub Typhus symptoms along with a positive blood, a person cannot be considered as suffering from the disease.”

Dr Arke also mentioned that daily reports from airport and district surveillance units are being taken. Due to fear caused by the Coronavirus outbreak in China, Imphal airport health personnel and district surveillance officers have been alerted, he said.

Standard operating procedures have been communicated to districts surveillance units, he added. Following the reports of two deaths at Khamasom Phungthar, Ukhrul district, a team of State Health department and medical team from Imphal are still continuing screening and monitoring of all diseases. 

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