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Satellite radio tagging of five Amur Falcons successfully done and released from Tamenglong
IFP Bureau | First Published: November 1, 2019 10:10:04 am

IFP Bureau, Tamenglong

Five Amur Falcons have been successfully radio tagged and released from Tamenglong as three more falcons were tagged GPS Satellite Radio Transmitters and released at Puching village in Tamenglong district Friday, sources said.

The three falcons were tagged and released at around 11 am from Tamenglong. Two were tagged and released on Thursday from Tamenglong, according to a release.

Dr Suresh Kumar and his team from Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun along with Honorary Wildlife Warden Nehemiah Panmei and Dr Chambo Gonmei, CMO Tamenglong, released the tagged birds. Also, present at the event were Chiulon village chairman, Puching village chairman, Secretary of Phalong, Rainforest Club members, villagers and staff of Tamenglong Forest Division.

One of the many goals of GPS tagging research is to determine the migration route of the bird; Researchers not only look at the birds’ migration but also what is between the migration endpoints to determine if a species is moving to new locations based on food density, a change in water temperature, or other stimulus, and the animal’s ability to adapt to these changes.

Migration tracking is a vital tool in efforts to control the impact of human civilization on populations of wild animals and birds, and prevent or mitigate the on-going extinction of endangered species. Interestingly, it can be also observed that by these satellites tagging, has drawn the attentions of the general public people, a curiosity and desire to talk about Amur Falcon which is in one way a U Turn from hunting of the birds to conservation, according to a release by the RainForest Club Tamenglong.

While the first two Amur Falcons are named Irang and Puching, the three birds tagged today are named Barak, Phalong and Chiulon. ‘Barak’ is a female falcon weighing 185 gm. Phalong and Chiulon are male falcons and weigh 170 gm and 150 gm respectively.

Celebrating the occasion in honour of amur falcons called Akhoipiuna in the local dialect, the women of Puching village perfomed folk dance.

Kumar stressed on landscape conservation and mutual interaction among amur falcon roosting villages in the state and with neighbouring state, while addressing the event. He said that in conservation of Amur Falcon, “there is no demarcation of villages but it is whole landscape conservation because they roost at different places every year”.

The team led by Kumar camped at Puching village for over 10 days. He elaborated on the hardship and challenges faced by the team in the capturing and tagging of the birds.

Kumar then thanked the chairman of Puching Village and his family for their hospitality and love. He also lauded the volunteers who were in the field unfazed by rain and sun and with no proper sleep. He urged the whole community to come together and protect Amur Falcon on a larger scale.

Kharibam Singh, Range Forest Officer, Tamenglong Forest Division, also thanked the community of Puching village and said that “the killing ground has now turned into dancing ground. Amur Falcon ‘Manipur’ was killed last year at Puching Village.

Conservation activities in Tamenglong has improved and impacted the people (both in Town and Villages) effectively, the Rain Forest Club Tamenglong said. It said in a release that one of the areas with commendable impact is the Amur Falcon conservation which was started five years ago.

Concerned individuals, CSOs, Tamenglong Forest Division and institutions have been tirelessly striving the arduous journey of this conservation.  A milestone was achieved when the first satellite tagging of two falcons was done in 2018. The falcons were named Tamenglong and Manipur. However, ‘Manipur’ was shot down and killed by miscreants in Puching.

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