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No More Resolution Needed Today
Updated: Nov 7, 2019, 09:16 GMT-0530 | Editor

By Sh Ajit

The Manipur Assembly took several resolutions to safeguard Manipur’s integrity and interest. Many civil society organisations resolved to fight till the end to safeguard the same. Even the chief minister of Manipur is ready to die for the state if anything happens to lower its dignity and authority. The people of Manipur believe N Biren, Chief Minister of Manipur, because of what he says is in public. He is different as he claims now and then from many politicians of his stature.

Today, Manipur is at the juncture of disintegration and fragmentation. The threat to Manipur’s existence is crystal clear after October 31, 2019. The time comes to act for the Resolution, taken on the floor of the Assembly, in public and on streets. Today, no more resolution is required, even in a Special Session. Today is time of action; may it be diplomatic, lobbying or otherwise. The people of Manipur should be ready for action. Let the people clear their confusion with action and only action. The people need no more rhetoric speech, colorful resolution or press conference. The people and state should act and solution lies in action. 

To begin with, let us be clear about working nature of Manipur’s Consultative Committee. The Consultative Committee should not act as an agent of Government of India, not even as interface between Government of India and people of Manipur. It should work for the Assembly resolution that reads as for oneness of Manipur. No administrative change on ethnic line; no territorial council in one form or other. In the words of Indian National Congress, the existing equation between State Assembly, State Government and Autonomous District Council should not be disturbed in any way. The final agreement between Naga outfits and Government of India is not a ground for bargaining. It is a threat to existence of Manipur as a historical entity and a political person. Consultative Committee should not think, at any cost, of getting something for Manipur when Government of India is giving something to the Naga people.

Manipur is a state, not a collection of populations. When Naga get Territorial Council, Meitei should get this status or that is not proper way of political thinking. The stand on which the state took its resolution is for wholesome of Manipur. Consultative Committee should take action for translating the Assembly resolution into action. It should be ready to fight any force to safeguard Manipur’s (mind it, it is not of Meitei only) interest.

Manipur is a political entity; it cannot be kept on the negotiating table between two parties in which Manipur is not one. However Manipur is facing trouble because of the negotiation between Naga militant groups and Government of India in which the people of Manipur, even the Government and Assembly are kept in dark. This is not only a political threat to its existence but also an act of undermining the political abilities of the people of Manipur. It undermines Manipuris’ ability to fight evils who try to destroy this land.

An Action is required. All the stakeholders should speak in their respective languages of action. Taking another resolution at this juncture is just wasting of time; such a move to take new resolution may be considered as attempt to delay our action. It is time of defiance; it is time to show we are still alive. It is time to prove that Manipur cannot be taken for grant. We had committed in 1827 when two other parties entered an Agreement that affected Manipur’s integrity and dignity. We are still losing our ground because of the Treaty of Yandabo. No more 1827.

To correct the 1827 mistake and to take a dignified position in 2019, we have to act boldly. How many languages of action we know to express our interest? Unluckily, students are now busy with the Government-set election process. Is it not an example of ineloquent in action language? Stop the election process for college student unions. Let the students speak their own language of action.

Manipur should act for the resolution we take. We should remember how we were suffering during the indefinite Economic Blockade. Have you forgotten that the Economic Blockade was for alternative arrangement?  We suffered a lot during those days and bear all sorts of pain only for safeguarding the oneness of Manipur. The pain was not for rising of petrol price; the pain was the price for loving a unified Manipur. In those days too we denied all the demands of alternative arrangement or demarcation of Manipur in the name of ancestral lands. The denial is only to safeguard Manipur and peaceful co-existence of the peoples of Manipur. Speak out about this denial in the language of action, today. No more rhetoric, we need. We need realistic and pragmatic approach to defy high commands of all sorts. Let us remember how this state defied central command when Muivah tried to enter the state to disturb the ethnic harmony in the State. Remember defiance is also one language of action. No more “Yes, Prime Minister” attitude is required.

If there is no means is available, you still have resignation from MLA-ship or MP-ship as only available means. Resignation is also one of the languages of action. Be brave, ready for such action too, if we are so committed to the cause of safeguarding Manipur’s interest and oneness. If you are ready to die, before doing anything, you can try the political means of resignation. Remember our valued Padmashree awardees disowned their honours for safeguarding Manipur’s dignity in 2001. You have a number of such instances to remember and act for the resolution a state takes. Let us be brave to take appropriate action but no more resolution is required as of today. 

(The writer is a journalist – The view expressed is the writer’s own)

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