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Nemcha Kipgen urges Hangmi community to be promoter of peace
IFP Bureau | Updated: January 13, 2020 23:37:34 pm

Social Welfare and Cooperation minister, Nemcha Kipgen inaugurated Hangmi Vengnom in Kangpokpi district Monday at the Hangmi Vengnom community hall.

Established on February 28, 2015 by the present Hangmi family for their great grandchildren with a motto ‘to dwell together in unity’.

The Hangmi Vengnom was dedicated to the Almighty by Rev Thangkhochon Lhanghal, secretary, Hangmi Insung Maicham (HIM) after Nemcha unveiled the inaugural monolith in the presence of ADC Sadar Hills chairman Haokholal Hangshing and vice chairman Thangjakam Misao.

Nemcha attended the inaugural function as chief guest while ADC Sadar Hills chairman, Haokholal Hangshing and ADC Sadar Hills vice chairman, Thangjakam Misao attended as guest of honour and functional president respectively. And Dennis Sehminthang Misao, chief of Lungphou village and Haokhai Lupheng, chairman, Hangmi Phungpi Union (HPU-GHQ) as special guest.

In her speech while addressing the gathering at the inauguration ceremony, Nemcha said that without a long-term plan or without a vision, people are doomed to wander aimlessly.

Motivating the Hangmi community to live with vision, the minister said that with bright long-term vision the Hangmi community could become the fastest developing community in the society with the establishment of Hangmi Vengnom.

She also said that guarding the village with sentries will do no good unless the Lord protects it and likewise if God is not the protector of Hangmi Vengnom its establishment will do no good.

The minister further said that development comes only through unity and peace among the people and urged the Hangmi community to be a promoter of peace and unity among the Kukis and a blessing as well especially for Kangpokpi district.

The minister assured to black top the Hangmi Vengnom approach road and also assured to help in construction of a Church apart from assuring to contribute Rs 20 lakh from her development funds for construction of a community hall.

She further assured to help avail power and water supply and asked the Hangmi Vengnom community to put up the issue in the proper channels so that she can pursue it with the respective departments.

ADC Sadar Hills chairman, Haokholal Hangshing said Kangpokpi can become a city with such expansion of locality or cluster villages while adding that the establishment of Hangmi Vengnom is not only a part of the town expansion but an expansion of Gospel among the people as well.

He said that when all plot buyers at Hangmi Vengnom sheltered together peaceful development will automatically follow.

Presentation, appreciation of Hangmi Vengnom Committee, and brief note on the establishment of Hangmi Vengnom by Saopu Misao Hangmi, chairman Hangmi Vengnom Kangpokpi and melodious songs from Hangmi artistes which enthralled the gathering marked the occasion.

From Our Correspondent | KANGPOKPI

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