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National Judicial Data Grid is a power instrument for quick justice: Justice Kotiswar Singh
IFP Bureau | First Published: November 28, 2019 22:49:19 pm
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One can now look forward to quick justice as the online portal National Judicial Data Grid, a storehouse of all legal information of all cases across India, will help in speedy trial and media has a role in protecting the judicial system, Justice N Kotiswar Singh said in Guwahati, according to official sources.

“The National Judicial Data Grid portal is a harnessed technology in the field of law and it is a storehouse of all legal information of all the cases across India and will help in speedy trial,” Justice Kotiswar Singh was quoted as saying in a release by the Information and Broadcasting Ministry.

Singh gave the statement in his address at the Constitution Day function in Guwahati on November 26. The day was observed in Guwahati with the theme “Challenging role of media in the dynamics of Constitutional changes in India”.

“Media has helped in the evolution of progressive growth of the country and play a vital role in protecting various institutions which are product of this constitution. If we have these institutions strong, the constitution will also be strong,” Singh said in his speech.

Terming the media “Torch Bearer of freedom of this country”, Singh stressed its unique responsibility in safeguarding the constitutional values.

Pointing out that the responsibility of safeguarding constitutional values is also that of everyone in the society, Singh said, “Constitutional values are the basic dignities of human being. This is a part of preamble based on this several landmark judgments has been given by the Supreme Court”.

Media should portray positive aspects and a correct picture of the legal system of the country to ensure dignity and privacy of the individuals, Singh said.

Expressing concern over the misuse of social media in disseminating information, Singh emphasized on positive use of technology of Social Media and said that the Government as well as Judiciary should play a vital role to have control over it. He also said that the Constitution should not be confined only for the Judiciary system but every Indian citizen should read the Preamble as it the embodiment of true democracy that India represents.

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