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Naga Talks Protest: COCOMI boycotts Sangai Festival, to intensify stir
IFP Bureau | First Published: November 7, 2019 08:15:10 am
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The Coordination Committee on Manipur Integrity (COCOMI) has resolved to boycott the upcoming Sangai Festival and end all communications with the state government as an act of protest in relation to the Indo-Naga peace talks.

Condemning the central and state government for not fulfilling their demand, COCOMI coordinator Sunil Karam announced its decision at a press meet in Imphal on Wednesday to intensify the ongoing agitation held in every nook and corner of the world.

The press conference was held at the office of Ethno Heritage Council (HERICON) in Imphal.

Karam said the committee has been urging the government to call for special assembly session as a precautionary measure to defend the state from any negative fallout of the agreement.

The COCOMI demanded the central government to spell out the terms and conditions of negotiation between the GoI and Naga groups. In view of the government’s silence, the committee resolved to boycott the Sangai Festival and not to attend any kind of government programmes or activities. It also decided to terminate communication with the state government and said that only through media they can be contacted.

Stating another strategy of the people’s movement, he urged protesters to block one side of the road and raise slogan instead of just conducting sit-in protest. He also appealed to the people of state to demand their concerned MLAs to call special assembly session and to attend it as well.

“If the present issue is being discussed on the floor of the house, the GoI may not sideline or undermine the demand of the people of state. This is the reason the committee has been demanding for special session,” he asserted.

Mentioning recent incident of Naga Peoples’ Union seeking security arrangement from the central government, he said that it is highly unfortunate to know that the said union demanded to take up security measures in 98 Naga inhabited villages in the valley from the GoI. He further said that the present instability is created by the central government, not by any community.

At this crucial juncture, taking support of the security forces from the central government may demean the agitation, he added.

“What we are protesting today is for the entire state, not for any particular community. Moreover, majority community, Meitei didn’t harass or threatened any community. There is no need to be afraid,” he clarified.

The COCOMI leader suggested them to share their problems either to the committee or the state government.  He appealed to all communities to extend solidarity in the present movement. He also urged people of the state to come up with feasible and applicable solution which will help in fulfilling their demand.

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