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Drivers call economic blockade along NH 2, demand ASI Hitler’s termination from service
IFP Bureau | First Published: January 16, 2020 23:47:09 pm

Charging the government of failure to terminate ASI Hitler from service after his unruly and rowdy act upon an innocent truck driver at Kangpokpi Bazar January 14, the Senapati District Truck Drivers’ Association, Senapati District Driver’s Union and Senapati District Drivers’ Welfare Union announced an indefinite economic blockade from midnight of January 16.

The three organisations took the joint decision to impose the indefinite economic blockade Thursday and announced it during a press meet at Senapati district headquarters.

Earlier, the three organisations had demanded the state government terminate ASI Hitler from his service within 48 hours while serving ultimatum to launch agitations.

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It may be recalled that ASI Hitler of Kangpokpi Police Reserve Line had misbehaved on January 14 morning upon a truck driver at Kangpokpi bazar and a onlooker had captured his shocking act and uploaded on social media which went viral since then.  

In the video, ASI Hitler even tried to shoot the driver with his service pistol in broad daylight in Kangpokpi bazar. After the viral video and pressure from KSO Sadar Hills, SDSA and other CVOs, SP Kangpokpi immediately took action and placed the erring police officer under suspension followed by necessary disciplinary action for misbehaving with the public.

It was also reported that such brutality and rowdy behaviour of ASI Th Hitler Singh upon the truck driver was not the first time but he had on several occasions resorted to such brutality and unruly behaviour.

Considering his behaviour not only a threat to the innocent public but also a big liability to the Manipur Police department, the three organisations including KSO Sadar Hills, SDSA and other  CVOs demanded dismissal of ASI Hitler from the department considering it the only befitting response.

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During a press meet at Senapati, president of Senapati District Truck Owners’ Association, John said that SDTOA, SDDU and SDDWU had given 48 hours ultimatum to the state government to terminate ASI Hitler for assaulting a truck driver Dale of Kapao village at Kangpokpi bazar on January 14.

He, however, said that till the expiry of the ultimatum ASI Hitler was only placed under suspension but not terminated which enraged the three organisations who have decided to impose the indefinite economic blockade along the National Highway 2 from midnight of January 16.

The three organisations also warned that if the government still failed to take action and terminate the said erring police officer within 48 hours during the indefinite economic blockade, it will resort to total blockade of National Highway-2.

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