Tuesday, January 21, 2020


Manipur policeman suspended for misbehaving with truck drivers association
IFP Bureau | Updated: January 14, 2020 16:44:38 pm

A Manipur police official was on Tuesday suspended for misbehaving with Senapati Trucks Driver Association while on duty.

According to an order by the Superintendent of Police, Kangpokpi district PH Maheshnarain, ASI Th Hitler Singh of Kangpoki Reserve Line DHQ has been placed under suspension with immediate effect until further order for misbehaving with the Senapati Trucks Driver Association while on duty on January 14 at 3:30 am.

In a shocking video, which is doing the rounds in social media, the ASI is seen slapping and kicking a man, continuously pushing him while the man calmly defended himself. The police officer even used (loaded) his service pistol threatening to shoot the man. While interrupted by another man, the police officer also pointed his pistol at the man who tried to intervene.

The suspension order stated that ASI Th Hitler Singh’s behavior was unbecoming of a member of a disciplined force like the Manipur Police.

The superintendent of Police, Kanpokpi district has ordered that the ASI should not leave the HQ without permission from the SP.

“During his period of suspension, his Headquarter will be reserve line at DHQ, Kangpokpi and also he should not put his signature on the attendance register maintained at the RL/Kangpokpi DHQ, He shall not leave the HQ without permission from the undersigned. He will get his subsistence allowances as admissible under rule during the period under which he is placed under suspension. If absent he will not get his subsistence allowances for the period of his absence,” the order stated.

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