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MHRC has been deprived of its rights, says acting chairperson
IFP Bureau | First Published: January 22, 2020 19:24:55 pm
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Acting chairperson of the Manipur Human Rights Commission (MHRC) Khaidem Mani has expressed displeasure over the “step-motherly” treatment of the commission by the state government.

He urged the government to provide all necessary infrastructure, man power and financial independence within one month.

Speaking to the media at the Lamphelpat office of the commission, Mani stated that he is not a government servant, nor he is against the government.

“The commission has been functioning since a year and a few months without proper infrastructure, manpower and financial independence taking into account of public interest”, he said.  

According to guideline of the commission, MHRC should have its own building with four divisions such as administration, investigation, finance and law. It should have at least 130-140 members, if not a minimum of 30-40 members, but nothing has been done in this regard, he said.

“Without proper staff, I have to type letter and notifications and deliver them by myself. The commission can’t go on functioning like this”, he added.

The acting chairperson continued that MHRC is a statutory watchdog, it has power to give directives against any case of corruption or human right violations. He said no one in the state government knows about the commission’s power and function. Every rights in respect to human rights are the commission’s concern, he added.

He said it is shameful of state government that commission for human rights which is instituted for protecting human rights itself is facing deprivation of rights. “The commission has stooped so low that I had to ask for money from the state chief minister and the law minister when I went to attend National Human Rights Commission workshop”, he said.

Mani continued that financial independence is very important for the commission to function, without it no activities can be performed. He urged to implement one specific budget for commission according to commission’s guideline.

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