Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Manipur film fraternity joins people’s movement for state’s integrity, stops outdoor screening of films
Updated: Nov 7, 2019, 04:05 GMT-0530 | Editor
Film Forum Manipur


Manipur Film fraternity on Wednesday, extending solidarity to people’s movement for the state integrity in the wake of the Naga peace talk issue, prohibits outdoor screening of films.

Addressing media at a press meet held at the Film Forum Manipur Office, Lamphelpat, forum chairman S Mangoljao declared that film screening will be allowed only in cinema halls for now in view of the volatile situation of the state.

“The decision was taken along with 12 constituent organisations of the forum,” Mangoljao said. He went on to warn that those who defy the forum’s prohibition should bear responsibility if any untoward incidents arises out of defying the prohibition. 

“The Film Forum Manipur wholeheartedly support the people’s movement to safeguard the integrity of Manipur,” he asserted while adding that the forum will also staged sit-in protest on Friday. 

Mangoljao maintained that the forum will intimate the people when outdoor screenings may begun again.

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