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Maniacal Negative Viral(Ism) In Manipur
IFP Bureau | First Published: February 27, 2020 12:23:46 pm
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-By Marjing Mayanglambam

The title itself is based towards the present trends of making anything whether speeches, photos, acts etc.. especially in video format to become negatively viral in Social media platforms. And the intention of focusing this issue towards Manipur is to make sure that the readers are well aware and to take up actions locally from their sides, for there is a Manipuri saying – “Before dusting your own courtyard, don’t dust others’ first”. Our land, where Globalisation and the 21st Century arrived way too soon before the completion of the 18th Century is facing quite a strong hurdle and confusion when it comes to technology and digital revolution. Hence, this confusion easily made the naive netizens to wrongly utilise the digital tools in wrong and harmful ways. With the educational institutions lacking in educating the youths on Digital awareness, the Government engaged in their dirty politics, the society focusing on backbiting as usual, and the public speakers entertaining the mass with vulgar speeches, the digital health of all will never improve and shall deteriorate even more.

Prior to the arrival of Social Media giants like Facebook and WhatsApp in our state, Viral(ism) was less seen and not popular as it is now. The term Viral(ism) has no literal or grammatical meaning but is made up especially to make it easier to read and digest what this article is about. Viral(ism) about anything is usually based on the words spoken, the acts conducted and then it is interpreted to be seen or conceived in a peculiar way by the creator of the video. The peculiarity is never in a good and knowledgeable way but rather more negative, maniacal and teasing. Viral(ism) is also more aimed specifically to celebrities, public figures and role models who are under the constant watch by layman individuals. Sarcastically, these individuals do have an outstanding sense of humour, and honestly, they make other individuals to laugh too with their Viral creations. Nevertheless, they’re just maniacs who with their creations make the victims suffer.

Imagine yourself speaking to the public and frankly made a statement in a sarcastic yet truthful manner, and that portion of your statement ends up in every person’s social media statuses and feeds? How would you react? It might seem funny at first and you’ll think it’s not much of importance to your life. But, what will happen when that video leads to the creation of further sarcastic and horrifying videos that even touches your life history, family and friends and sometimes interfering with your daily day to day life? In this context, “trolling” occurs and the sarcasm turns into serious negative commenting. Asides videos, and trolls, there’s also a new trend of making fun or sarcastically offend someone through “memes”.  It’s no joke that individuals have committed suicide when they can’t take anymore of the trolling(s) and viral(ism) on them. There will be a deep psychological impact to individuals if they’re constantly trolled upon and make viral of them. One need to understand that your laughs will bring tears to those victims. Nobody wants to be intentionally become a viral(ism) victim nor trolled. “To err is human”. Please stop Viral(ism) and trolling individuals. Instead, make a good cause to become viral. It’s hard to find a good cause video to be wildly viral in the social media. For less social media aware individuals, this article has some terms which is quite confusing, sorry for the inconveniences caused. Simply, “Let us stop making fun and backbiting others on the internet but rather support and encourage them for the betterment”.

Still not understanding? It’s okay!

(The writer is a student pursuing B.Sc at Dhanamanjuri University.)

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