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Lockdown- No Entry: Churachandpur on high alert over coronavirus outbreak
IFP Bureau | First Published: March 24, 2020 22:33:59 pm
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In view of the detection of one positive case of coronavirus infection in Manipur, the district administration of Churachandpur led by the DC and CMO has told the people in the district to stay indoors for their safety. This has led to many localities locking down the entry points to their localities and barricading of village boundaries with signs like ‘Lockdown, no entry’.

The ADC of Churachandpur, Thanboi Gangte informed that there was a total shutdown in place under Section 144 of CrPC 1973 and people have been asked to stay home to be safe. They have also been asked to cooperate for the good of all in the fight against the coronavirus. Also, the district administration is trying to help those who are in need of foodstuff, in compliance to the government orders.

He said that those with travel history who have landed up in Churachandpur must report to the authorities and self-quarantine for 14 days which is otherwise a punishable offence, and so is spreading of wrong information on the social media.

The CMO of Churachandpur, VC Pau Tonsing has said that one of the quarantine centres is at Churachandpur while five more such centres are being planned also in Churachandpur.  He also stated that the 11 travellers who came along with the 23-year-old Coronavirus positive girl from Imphal are being traced and all necessary steps are being taken by the authorities.  The DFWO of Churachandpur, Dr Zamthianlal Valte also said that the shutdown is the social and religious obligation of the people of Churachandpur to contain the coronavirus which they must follow.

Senior physician Dr Biakdiki has asked the people not to panic saying that Coronavirus is a highly communicable disease but it can be prevented by staying at home, where it can be healed like other diseases. It is not a disease that is necessarily fatal, she said.

District nodal officer, Dr Ngaineihkim has said that so far, 35 people are under home quarantine in Churachandpur, and they have to maintain social distancing and not attend any public gatherings. There is one quarantine centre at Bizang circuit house where two people are quarantined apart from one at the isolation ward of Churachandpur district hospital, she said. The quarantine is mostly for those who have come from outside and are having a history of travel.

Meanwhile, many localities in Churachandpur are barricading their locality and have forbidden entry and exit. Many people are also rushing to get the surgical masks paying Rs 40 or more a piece with the lucky few getting it for Rs 30. The rush for the masks is due to the fact that they now know that the virus has reached Manipur.

Meanwhile, The Kuki Students Union Churachandpur, in a press statement, has asked the government to install medical station to measure body temperature of passersby and to identify more suitable locations for quarantine facility, while also make provision for those critically ill. It applauded the district administration for the steps taken so far to check the spread of the Coronavirus and asked all the people to support the efforts.

A SoO group, ZRA /ZRO, in a press release also applauded the efforts of the government in controlling the spread of Coronavirus asking its cadres to stay at their designated home only and not to venture out while also asking outsiders and supporters not to visit their designated camps.

From IFP correspondent | Churachandpur

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