Lamdeng residents up against disposal of quarantine wastes in open

Locals at Lamdeng urged the government to take immediate action against disposal of wastes from COVID-19 quarantine centres and to ensure safety of the villagers.

Locals of Lamdeng on Monday were irked over the “careless” disposal of wastes generated from quarantine centres in the open at Lamdeng and urged the government to take immediate action against it and  to ensure the safety of the villagers.

President, Lamdeng Apunba Lup, Ibochou Chingangbam, told the Imphal Free Press that a Tata Magic Iris vehicle carrying a full load of solid wastes from quarantine centres arrived and attempted to dump them at the temporary disposal site of Lamdeng Solid Waste Management Plant around 10:30 am.

However, it was stopped by other vehicles as the vehicle was pasted with a sticker that read “COVID-19 Duty Imphal West”.

After the vehicle was not allowed to unload the wastes, it went away and disposed of the wastes in the open, Ibochou said, adding that the locals who were doing farming work saw them throwing the wastes in the open. Later, the vehicle was made to pick up the wastes from the open area.

Strongly condemning the incident, Ibochou said, “The MAHUD director had earlier stated that the wastes from quarantine centres are disposed of at the centre itself”. He questioned why the vehicle came to dispose of the waste at Lamdeng.

The LAL president urged the government to take up immediate steps to prevent recurrence of such an act for ensuring safety of the villagers.

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First Published:June 9, 2020, 8:15 a.m.