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Konyak region NSCN (I-M) endorses ‘Pan Naga Hoho’ idea
IFP Bureau | First Published: December 15, 2019 22:50:49 pm
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The Konyak Region of the NSCN I-M), while expressing its happiness on the idea of Pan Naga Hoho, said that anyone or any group who opposes this Pan Naga Hoho is against the coming together of their own family.

Among other things, the Konyak Region of the NSCN (I-M) said in a statement, “One thing we the Nagas in general and the Konyaks in particular admire is Pan Naga Hoho because one third of Konyaks are in Myanmar, another one third in Arunachal Pradesh and the only remaining one third are in so-called Nagaland state”.

The statement pointed out that one Konyak village called Longwa is divided into two; even the house of the “Ahng”  (chiefs)  is in the middle of the forceful boundary of India and Myanmar. “There is a way of Konyaks from all these three areas to live together, in the initial stage, and this is possible only through Pan Naga Hoho (with statutory power as the Indian side opined),” it added.

Further the release recounted that NSCN (I-M) under the leadership of former chairman Isak Chishi Swu, chairman Q Tuccu and general secretary Th Muivah has been for complete sovereignty encompassing the whole of Naga inhabited areas.

“Basing on this solid rock, NSCN, on the invitation of the government of India has been talking with five successive Indian prime ministers and four interlocutors appointed by government of India”, it also said.

Within a span of twenty two (years, NSCN (I-M) could make the Nagas’ position loud and clear, it claimed. Having understood the Nagas’ rights and its unshakeable foundation, government of India has no option but to recognise them without any reservation, the statement of the Konyak Region of the NSCN (I-M) added.

‘However, the Indians came with their problems saying, ‘Nagas have every right but government of India has its difficulties. So, why not Nagas’ also consider our difficulties?’ As such, government of India proposed for ‘Shared Sovereignty’, ‘Supra State’, ‘Pan Naga Hoho’, bicameral houses, increase of the representatives, territorial council, etc., it added.

As per the nature of negotiation, the NSCN side has to think over the intricacies and agree with the government of India’s request for some time for the sake of peaceful settlement,” the statement said.

The “Konyak Naga national workers” are grateful to both the Indian and Naga negotiators for proposing “such ideas through God given wisdom and we agree wholeheartedly”, it maintained. 

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