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KIM hits back at UNC, says ‘fictitious claims an insult to freedom fighters’
IFP Bureau | First Published: November 7, 2019 12:02:50 pm
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Branding the United Naga Council (UNC) as a single community based group, the Kuki Inpi Manipur (KIM) urged the former “to instead ponder on their immigration from Somra tracts and their subsequent settlements in Kuki ancestral lands by paying tax and levies to Kuki chiefs.”

KIM was hitting back at the UNC’s question of ‘indigenous to the state’ of Kukis.

A release issued by KIM in this regard charged that NSCN (I-M)’s support has boldened the UNC to question even a well-established history of the Kuki people, who recently commemorated 100 years Anglo-Kuki war.

“As a matter of fact, the infamous ethnic cleansing designs of the NSCN (I-) towards the indigenous Kuki people in their unholy pursuit to grab the ancestral lands of the Kukis had witnessed direct involvement of the UNC, which served quit notices to hundreds of Kuki villages,” it said.

While pointing out that the Kuki people had a glorious history of defending their ancestral land even against the mighty British, it alleged that the “Kacha Nagas” were a spy and slaves to invaders of Kuki ancestral land. It is this unerasable history of shame for the “Kacha Nagas” that compelled them to desperately brand the Kukis as non-indigenous to camouflage their highly questionable infiltration to the state, said the release.

It maintained that UNC’s provocative statements like “there will be communal clash” has not only incited many innocents but also throws a serious concern on how the government had so far been tolerating these highly communal tones.

“KIM wishes the Nagas all the very best for their Framework agreement but concerned authorities should not fall into the trap of the highly unjustified calls for integrating Kuki ancestral lands in the proposed Naga Autonomous council by the ‘Kacha Nagas’,” it cautioned

KIM said that the “Kacha Nagas” in general and Tangkhuls in particular of today’s generation are advised to confirm that they lived in Kuki ancestral land and accept the bitter truth that their forefathers were slaves to the Kukis, then to the British. The uniqueness of the “Kacha Nagas” history is nothing but their audacity to serve the British when indigenous people like the Kukis were fighting the Britishers to protect their ancestral lands, added the release.

Further questioning what credentials the UNC has to determine who’s indigenous and not in Kuki ancestral lands, it asked whether the UNC was in existence when brave Kuki chiefs led the war against the British to defend Kuki ancestral land and freedom.

The KIM release went on to urge the government of India to take serious note of the highly provocative statements from UNC and the likes and regard true history to rhetorics and acknowledge the rights and history of the Kuki people and accord due recognition and settlement to the Kuki people, who have fought one of the fiercest war of Independence against British India. 

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