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Karang boatman Tiken collects 10,000 plastic bottles from Loktak Lake
IFP Bureau | First Published: November 10, 2019 21:41:00 pm
Ningthoujam Tiken.

IFP Correspondent | THOUBAL

Ningthoujam Tiken, who runs a boat service from Thanga to Karang at Loktak Lake, has collected over 10,000 discarded bottles left by tourists. His efforts to conserve the lake deserve to be recognised and encouraged by the state government and authorities concerned.

Ningthoujam Tiken.
Karang boatman collects 10,000 bottles from Loktak Lake

A resident of Khuman Pokpa Maya Leikai of Karang island which is located in the middle of Loktak Lake, Ningthoujam Tiken son of Yaima, has been ferrying tourists and passengers from Thanga to Karang as a means to earn his daily living.

Shocked by the indifferent attitude of his passengers who carelessly discarded plastic bottles into the lake, Tiken has been collecting the discarded plastic bottles from the shores of the lake in his boat and storing them in a fishnet for more than three years.

So far, Tiken has collected over a 10,000 plastic bottles. His efforts and dedication to conserve the lake ought to be appreciated by all, and it is high time the authorities concerned shower public recognition for his achievements in the interest of future generations while also motivating him to continue his efforts.

Meanwhile, a team of the 100-day ‘Go Clean’ initiative, undertaken by educated and like-minded individuals of Wangjing-Lamding, Thoubal, who went to conduct a cleanliness drive at Thanga-Karang was fortunate to meet Ningthoujam Tiken.

The ‘Go Clean’ team conveyed its appreciation for the efforts of Tiken to conserve the lake while also presenting him with Rs 2,000 along with a shawl as tokens of appreciation. The interaction between the team and Tiken was livestreamed on Go Clean’s Facebook page and it reportedly went viral.

While stating that Loktak Lake is a valuable asset of the state, member of Go Clean mission, Sorokhaibam Ojit stressed on the need for the present generation to safeguard its natural aspects for future generations. Visitors alike should refrain from further pollution of the lake, he added.

Treasurer of Go Clean mission, Chongtham Sanjoi criticised the state government asserting that thousands of rupees are invested every year in festivals to ‘Conserve Loktak Late.’ However, that alone would not be the solution, he continued while adding that conservation of Loktak lake needs the efforts of locals like Ningthoujam Tiken who are genuinely concerned in conserving the lake.

“The bottles collected by Tiken were discarded by insensitive rich individuals only, and people should be aware that efforts to conserve the environment is vital,” he lamented while adding an appeal to the state government to recognise the efforts undertaken by Ningthoujam Tiken in conserving Loktak lake.

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