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Judas Priest hits the studio to commence work on 19th studio album
IFP Bureau | First Published: February 5, 2020 00:55:25 am
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Rob Halford, Glenn Tipton and Richie Faulkner have hit the studio to begin work on the writing sessions for Judas Priest’s 19th studio album, according to reports.

Guitarist Richie Faulkner, who replaced original axeman K K Downing in 2011, broke the good news on Twitter shortly before February 3.

Sharing a photo of himself sitting next to Rob Halford and Glenn Tipton in the studio, Richie wrote: “Giving birth to new metal babies. #judaspriest writing sessions 2020 with grandmaster Tipton and the Mg RHRF DOTF #forgingthesteel”

The trio co-wrote songs together on Judas Priest’s last two studio albums – 2014’s ‘Redeemer of Souls’ and 2018’s ‘Firepower’ and singer Rob Halford first confirmed a new Judas Priest album is “definitely” on the way last March, reports

Speaking to Australia’s May The Rock Be With You, Rob said they wanted to keep up the ante following the rapturously received ‘Firepower’.

“All this incredible acclaim, critical acclaim and from our fans, it’s a boost more than anything else,” Rob said during the interview. “It gives us the inspiration, the motivation, to keep going into the ‘metal future’ as we call it. We’re very grateful.”

Rob further added, “The fact is, (Judas) Priest is on a roll and we’re on fire with this music and the reaction, the support from our fans and everybody is what gives you that thought of, ‘What would happen if we wrote another song? Then another song? Then an album? We might as well go out and tour again.’

“It’s a lot of things combined that really still keep us active and keep us to what’s next to be done.”

He continued: “We’re always looking for a different kind of tilt to what we’re about as a band in the next project of songs we’re going to release.

“We’re already thinking about that now. We had a meeting in the U.K. just before we came to Australia about planning the foreseeable future and I would say there’s definitely a new Priest album on the way,” Rob says on a report on

Glenn Tipton retired from touring due to Parkinson’s disease in February 2018, however, he has made numerous guest appearances on the Firepower Tour and he’s still an active band member in the recording studio.

Judas Priest will play a 50 Heavy Metal Years anniversary show when they headline Bloodstock Open Air in Catton Park, Derbyshire on Sunday 9th August 2020, according to the report on

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