Biological Diversity: Seedlings planted for COVID-19 patients

If environmental dilapidation is continued at the current rate, mankind will require two earths by 2030.

Staff of Kakching Range office along with staff of Pallel, Waikhong and Wangoo Lamkhai beat offices under Kakching district on Friday planted seedlings for 25 COVID-19 patients of the state on the occasion of International Day for Biological Diversity. 

Informing about the event, range officer of Kakching Range N Munal Meitei told this correspondent that the day was observed under the ‘Our solutions are in nature’ this year marking the 28 year completion of Rio Earth Summit held on May 22, 1992.

He further stated that to support and feed 775 cores of global population, mother earth is over exhausted and the environment has been exploited irreparably. If environmental dilapidation is continued at the current rate, mankind will require two earths by 2030, he informed.  

At present, around 100 species are lost or extinct every day, he further said while adding that every species, big or small, has its vital contribution for survival of the other species and the species once lost is loss for forever. “To remind and enable us to save our denuded biodiversity, International Day for Biodiversity was observed all over the world today amidst the earth being invaded by dreaded COVID-19 just like an undeclared World War III,” he added.

“Globally, 51 lakh people have been affected by corona virus with 3.80 lakh casualty. In India, 1.15 lakhs people have been affected with 3500 deaths. In Manipur, 25 people were reported positive. Tomorrow, it may be your turn,” he said.

He asserted that 25 indigenous species of trees were planted in the name of the present 23 active COVID-19 patients and the two recovered persons for their speedy recovery and long life. He added that a prayer was also offered to halt the increasing the number of positive cases in the state. Staff of Kakching Range office expressed solidarity and shared grief of all the people being quarantined at different quarantine centers in Manipur.

He also appealed all to be united in the battle against dreaded coronavirus and follow all the norms of physical distancing and use of masks, sanitizers, etc. “We should plant trees to create a green and beautiful planet with abundant wildlife for the sake of future generations,” he added. 

First Published:May 23, 2020, 7:22 p.m.

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