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In Pics: Ukhrul’s New Tusom celebrates Zeenezuh seed sowing festival
IFP Bureau | First Published: February 3, 2020 18:08:13 pm
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New Tusom village, the rice bowl of Ukhrul District in Manipur kicked off its four-day traditional seed sowing festival of Zeenezuh on Saturday, February 1. The festival, celebrated every year, is one of the most important festivals for the villagers depicting the relationship between humankind and the natural environment, an amalgamation that brings about prosperity, protection and invokes God’s blessings for an abundant harvest for the year.

Chief guest of the inaugural function, Kereilhouvi Angami, Principal chief conservator of forests and head of Forest Force (PCCF & HOFF) and his wife with the dance troupes (PHOTO:IFP_Tenno Pheiray)
Villagers escorting the dignitaries (PHOTO:IFP_Tenno Pheiray)
Dance troupes made the festival more meaningful and colourful (PHOTO:IFP_Tenno Pheiray)
Village elders praying for a bountiful harvest (PHOTO:IFP_Tenno Pheiray)
Chief guest of the inaugural function, Kereilhouvi Angami (3rd from left) and wife presented cane stick (walking stick), bamboo mug, rice, yongchak ( parkia speciosa ) and pork. ‘Kongsang’ -traditional necklace was also presented to the chief guest’s wife (PHOTO:IFP_Tenno Pheiray)
 Traditional items in display (PHOTO:IFP_Tenno Pheiray)
Varieties of seeds- a customary ritual for abundance in crops is performed before dawn by the village chief (Awunga) along with wife (Philava). The objective of such ritual is to petition for a good harvest, strength and wealth in all the households of the village (PHOTO:IFP_Tenno Pheiray)

New Tusom village is situated on the northern part of Ukhrul district bordering Kharasom and Razai villages on the western side, Soraphung and Wahong villages and Akhen village of Nagaland on the north. On the southern side is Challou, Kuingai and Chingai villages while the eastern side is flanked by Somra village, and Myanmar international border pillar 129 and 130.

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