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Imphal school exhibition highlights importance of water conservation
IFP Bureau | Updated: November 29, 2019 12:36:37 pm

In an aim to popularise the role of science and technology on sustainable development, a one-day ‘Science, Art and Craft Exhibition’ was held on Friday at RK Sanatombi Devi Vidyalaya, Pangei Imphal East.

The exhibition was organised to highlight the need for water conservation, and also to showcase the art and craft skill of students. A total number of 70 exhibitors took part. Science model related to sustainable development, from different schools of the State were displayed.

The art and craft exhibition was conducted as a co-curriculum activity of RK Sanatombi Devi Vidyalaya and to give opportunities to the students to showcase their works to the public and also to sell their products. Moreover, students also opened food stalls near the exhibition site.

“We are very happy that the school is organising such grand exhibition, where our ideas and opinions on water treatment and conservation can be showcased visually to our friends, teachers, guardians, and other visitors,” said a student who took part in the exhibition. The process of making our project model is fun and at the same time, a learning process. We did much research works on the internet and took suggestions from teachers and guardians to make the project models, she added.

The chief guest of the exhibition, former vice-chancellor of Manipur University, H Nanadakumar Sharma said to the media that in this era, conservation of water is very important as fresh drinking water is scarce and its price continues to rise with time due to the increase of population and climatic change.

Although the State suffers from frequent floods, it suffers from water scarcity also. It is all because we do not have a proper system for conserving water, he added. If every household of the State practice rainwater harvesting and stop wasting water unnecessarily, the problem of water scarcity can be curbed, the former vice-chancellor pointed out.

The model projects which are genuinely developed by the exhibitors have impressed him, he concluded.

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